The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

Calls for Creston RCMP include resident shooting dog attacking chickens, rabbits

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  • Oct. 22, 2014 5:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 70 calls for service from Oct. 13-19, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

October 13

•Police are investigating whether a shotgun found in the water near Goat River Bridge has been used in a crime.

October 14

•Police have notified the Ministry of Transportation and Infrstructure about a vehicle that has been abandoned for several months near 32nd Avenue South.

•The Ontario owner of a cellphone that made a 911 call attributed it to pocket dialing.

•Police assisted Kelowna RCMP by making a next-of-kin notification on 10th Avenue North.

•A Peters Road resident reported shooting a dog that was attacking his chickens and rabbits. The dog owners came and took the animal’s body away but would not identify themselves.

•A minor two-car collision was reported in a Northwest Boulevard parking lot.

•An erratic four-door sedan was reported on Highway 95 year Moyie River Bridge.

October 15

•Police were called to a dispute involving three males on 11th Avenue North. Police believe alcohol and drugs were a factor.

•A complaint about a semi hauling chips and driving erratically on Lower Wynndel Road was received.

•A warrant for a male who left a Calgary hospital and crossed the border at Kingsgate led to his arrest in Bonners Ferry. Police picked him up at the border and took him to the hospital.

•A Sunset Boulevard resident reported hearing prowlers, who fled when the outside lights were turned on.

•Twenty-two-calibre ammunition found on Canyon Street was turned in to police.

•Police were on hand to keep the peace when a male moved property from his 18th Avenue residence.

•A warning letter has been sent to the owner of a vehicle that was parked in a crosswalk in front of Adam Robertson Elementary School.

•A break-in to a cabin on Kootenay Lake enabled thieves to get away with two kayaks, a paddleboat and some liquor. Two suspects were arrested in Nelson a short time later.

•A Quinton Road resident reported his dog was killed by a vehicle that didn’t stop. When located, the driver told police he swerved unsuccessfully to avoid the animal.

•RCMP assisted Nelson police in a missing person investigation. When located, the female said, “I’m not missing. I just moved to Creston.”

•Five young people who were carrying large items on Highway 3 resulted in three calls to police. When located, the group was hauling a chair, which they said had been given to them at a fruit stand. Police had them return the item to the fruit stand until their story could be confirmed.

•A logging truck reported to be impeding traffic by being parked on Canyon-Lister Road was gone when police arrived.

October 16

•Following a collision on Highway 21 South, one driver’s third traffic incident in a year and the second at that location, police wrote the superintendent of motor vehicles and recommended the driver’s licence be reviewed.

•Police attended a Sirdar residence as a part of an assault investigation.

•A “veiled threat” by a male to his ex-partner’s new boyfriend was reported from Meadow Creek Road.

•Police are investigating a Crime Stoppers tip about a drug sale in Riondel.

•Suspicious persons were reported near Pioneer Villa on Ash Street, but no damage was noted by police.

•Police were called when a female refused to leave a business on Canyon Street when asked.

•A vehicle that went off Highway 3 and into a ditch had to be towed out. No injuries were reported.

•No injuries resulted when a power pole was struck by a vehicle on Highway 3A near Crawford Creek Road.

October 17

•A fire in a rental suite on Cory Road is under investigation to determine the cause.

•Police assisted Canadian border personnel in the destruction of seized drugs.

•A male reportedly to be attempting to open a number of mailboxes said he was unable to remember which one was his.

•A female who arrived at the police station and informed she was in Creston looking for work as a clairvoyant and hadn’t eaten for a day was taken to hospital for a checkup.

•After reporting being involved in a fight on Erickson Road, the complainant said he didn’t want to press charges.

•A stop check of 30 vehicles on Northwest Boulevard resulted in verbal warnings to several drivers with headlight problems and another for not wearing a seatbelt.

October 18

•A dispute that led to the dialing of 911 involved alcohol and two incompatible roommates.

•A wallet found on Helen Street was returned to an owner grateful to have it and the contents back in his possession.

•Four tires were slashed on a vehicle on MacKay Road.

October 19

•Police are investigating ongoing complaints about shots being fired in a gravel pit on Lloyd Road.

•A check stop of 15 vehicles on Northwest Boulevard resulted in a driver being issued a ticket for driving without the correct licence classification.

•A wallet was reported lost on Canyon Street.

•A dark brown Pontiac Grand Prix was reported to be speeding and passing on a double solid line on Highway 3.

•A 13-year-old girl who was allegedly slapped by her mother on Mather Road is now in custody of a provincial ministry while an investigation takes place.