Calls for Creston RCMP include NSF cheque, cattle roaming

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  • Oct. 27, 2014 10:00 a.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 54 calls for service from Oct. 20-26, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

October 20

•Two warrants were issued for people who failed to make court appearances this week.

•Police assisted with a medical emergency at Prince Charles Secondary School.

•No injuries were reported after a moose broadsided a vehicle on Highway 3 near Irishman Creek.

•A well-being check on Silvercrest Road resident revealed he was OK.

•A prescription was reported to have been lost on West Creston Road.

October 21

•Police are investigating a complaint from Riondel about a worker who was paid with an NSF cheque.

•An abandoned vehicle on Valleyview Drive was found to be partially blocking the road and was towed.

•A Silvercrest Road resident reported hearing gunshots the previous evening.

•When police investigated a complaint on Highway 3 by a couple who were chased by dogs entering their property, the dogs’ owner was upset with police involvement, saying it was “their right to run loose” because there is no dog bylaw in place.

•Police served a subpoena to a Second Avenue South resident on behalf of Cranbrook RCMP.

October 22

•A vehicle that sustained extensive damage when it went off Highway 3A north of Wynndel was towed. The driver was not immediately located.

•A grey SUV took a Highway 3A corner too fast and lightly sideswiped an oncoming vehicle, breaking its side mirror. The SUV did not stop after the incident.

•A report was received about a trailer with a flat tire being pulled on Canyon-Lister Road.

•A well-being check on a Highway 21 North resident revealed she was OK.

•A Crusher Road resident reported that a vehicle drove into their driveway honking, then backed out and drove off, honking all the way.

•A mother-daughter dispute on Fifth Avenue South resulted in a window being broken by the daughter.

•Loud music on Northwest Boulevard was turned down at the request of police.

October 23

•An 88-year-old male died suddenly in his Crawford Creek residence. The death is not considered suspicious.

•A historic sexual assault was reported from 16th Avenue North.

•Police assisted a Regional District of Central Kootenay bylaw official in serving a ticket to a Highway 3A resident.

•Veiled threats were reportedly made by one half of a separating couple on Wadds Road.

•Threats were reportedly made by an adult son to his father on Highway 21 South.

October 24

•When police attended an Eighth Avenue South residence on a loud music complaint, they met the owner just getting home and he had no idea how loud music might be playing in the empty house.

•Police are investigating a complaint about an 80-year-old male causing a disturbance at a Northwest Boulevard business.

•The owner of cows roaming loose on Highway 3A was contacted and said he was on his way.

•A vehicle collided with a road sign on Highway 3/95 at a campground entrance.

•When police spoke with a semi driver who was reported to be talking on his cellphone while cutting off a vehicle on Cook Street, he said he could not talk on the cellphone and turn the vehicle at the same time.

•A report of a domestic assault on 15th Avenue North is under investigation.

October 25

•Police are recommending charges after attending a Simons Road residence to investigate a report of a breach of contact order being contravened. The male in question hid in the basement, then ran away to escape police.

•A Dugan Street resident reported finding a computer screen notification that his computer was locked and a $100 payment was required to unlock it. Police recommended he take the computer into a service shop to have it checked.

•A Centre Road resident reported his fence was damaged by unknown persons.

•Police assisted emergency health services personnel with a medical emergency.

October 26

•When police patrolled Dogwood Street after a loud music complaint they could not hear loud music.

•A driver misjudged a corner on Erickson Road and put the vehicle into the ditch. It had to be towed.

•A theft of firearms during a break and entry to a Canyon Street business is being investigated.

•A white Dodge pickup was reported to be driving on Highway 21 at Canyon Street with no licence plate.