Calls for Creston RCMP include Kootenay Bay break-in, alleged three-day party

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  • May. 27, 2013 3:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 58 calls for service from May 20-26 in a much quieter week than the previous one, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said today.

May 20

•Police were unable to find a party that a Cook Street resident complained had been going on for three days.

•A woman who wanted to contact police about a file dialed 911 from Meadow Creek Road when she couldn’t get through on the regular line. She was advised that 911 was for emergencies only.

•A break-in at a seasonal residence in the Fraser subdivision on Kootenay Bay resulted in the theft of a television, stereo, tackle box and chainsaw.

•A female reported to be acting suspiciously in a Cook Street parking lot was found to be waiting for a tow truck as she was unable to enter her vehicle.

•Red Bull might help a driver stay awake, but it isn’t a good thing when the can rolls under a vehicle’s brake pedal. A driver learned that the hard way when her she lost control of her vehicle as a result, causing a collision on Erickson Road. No injuries were reported, and the driver was issued a traffic violation ticket.

•Two people exhibiting inappropriate behavior at a Helen Street business were gone when police arrived.

•Shots were reported in the Lister Park area, where a youth party was going on. Vehicles scattered when police arrived to investigate.

•Three youths who were reported to have been on roof of a Canyon Street business were warned about their behavior.

May 21

•A 911 from Cranbrook Street in Yahk was attributed to children playing with the phone.

•An elderly Cavell Street male reported concern that he had received a call saying he had won $200 and that it would be delivered to his home. He had no idea how he might have won the prize.

•A red pickup pulling a green and white boat trailer passed a vehicle on a double solid line near Sirdar. Police could not locate the vehicle and the licence plate number provided was expired so the vehicle could not be traced.

•Creston police were asked to assist Kamloops RCMP with a missing person investigation.

May 22

•A suspicious male wearing a black hoodie and carrying a black backpack on Cook Street could not be located.

•Two females reported to be involved in an assault case in Crawford Bay said their fight was consensual.

•A driver making a left turn on 16th Avenue South reported that he was yelled and screamed at.

•Police received a complaint from a 16th Avenue South residence about threats being uttered.

May 23

•A car trailer was abandoned on Highway 3/95 and has been moved onto a residential property. Anyone missing such a trailer can contact police for information.

•He said he sent $40 to a female he met on the Internet so she could meet him in Cranbrook. She didn’t meet up with him. He said she is a scam artist.

•Police assisted government personnel in checking on the well-being of a child on Cedar Street.

•No injuries resulted in a head-on collision on Highway 3A after a southbound driver crossed into the oncoming lane to stop at the Wynndel lookout.

May 24

•A male who has a band council resolution that prevents him from being in the Lower Kootenay Band area was reported to be there but he was gone when police arrived.

•Two bicycles reported to be abandoned on Highway 21 were gone when police arrived.

•Youths were reported to be playing on railroad tracks and throwing rocks near Kingsgate.

•Police were called in about a custody dispute over the exchange of a child on Northwest Boulevard.

•Emergency medical services personnel reported that an apparently intoxicated male who was down on 18th Avenue South ran off when they arrived to provide emergency treatment.

•Water faucets were stolen from the outside of a 14th Avenue South residence.

•Two youths on skateboards were nearly hit by a vehicle on 15th Avenue North. They were apologetic when police talked to them.

•Youths reported to be on Canyon Street business roofs were not located.

May 25

•Patrolling police found a large glass bong with marijuana residue in an alley behind Canyon Street. Gollan invites the owner to the police station to claim it.

•Investigation of a complaint about a male selling cocaine led police to conclude the complaint was a mischievous attempt to cause trouble for the accused.

•A shed at the community complex burned down by causes unknown.

•A 38th Avenue resident complained about getting 48 unwanted text messages from an ex-girlfriend.

May 26

•A female required hospital after an assault at a Lakview-Arrow Creek Road house party. The investigation continues.

•Two dirt bike riders near Highway 21 South were found in the U.S. border vicinity. RCMP seized a firearm and border officials are conducting their own investigation.

•Police were called to a mother-daughter dispute about the daughter’s use of illegal drugs on 37th Street.

•A 2002 Pontiac Sunfire was damaged when parked at a 22nd Avenue North party.

•A driver complained about an elderly female driving 30 km/h under the speed limit on Northwest Boulevard.

•A report about a person missing in Vancouver was referred to the city police in Vancouver.

•The driver of a blue GMC pickup accused of driving erratically on Highway 3A denied doing so. The accuser was unwilling to appear in court to testify so no charges were pursued.

•A female reported that she bought alcohol for a male who has a probation order not to consume alcohol outside his home. He refused to pay the tab, saying she owned him money from a drug deal.