Calls for Creston RCMP include intoxication, car accidents

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  • Nov. 28, 2013 3:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP received 45 calls for service from Nov. 18-24, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

November 18

•A complaint about an aggressive intoxicated male on Centre Street led to his arrest and being lodged in cells until sober.

•A vehicle reported abandoned in a ditch on Seventh Avenue South  was the result of the driver trying to make a U-turn and getting stuck.

•RCMP assisted ambulance personnel with loading a patient on Erickson Street.

November 19

•The investigation continues into the report of a cellphone stolen on Ibbitson Street.

•A summons was served on Beam Road on behalf of the Lillooet detachment.

•A chainsaw and screwdrivers were stolen from a seasonal cabin on Riondel Road.

•A subpoena was served on Settlement Road on behalf of Jasper RCMP.

•A squatter was reported living in an abandoned house on Main Street in Yahk.

•Creston RCMP assisted emergency health services with a medical alert on 20th avenue North.

•An unlawful squatter was reported in a house on Highway 3 in Yahk.

•A child was reported missing when he didn’t get off the bus for after school care on Erickson Street. It turned out that he went straight home on the early dismissal day.

•A suspicious vehicle was reportedly going in and out of a driveway on Seventh Avenue North.

•A young couple arguing on 16th Avenue North requested the assistance of police, who attended and referred the couple to the appropriate agencies.

•A shopper will be banned from a Cook Street store after police had to be called while the customer was disputing the price of an item.

November 20

•A vehicle was towed after hitting a deer on Canyon-Lister Road.

•A squatter on Main Street in Yahk left the premises prior to the arrival of RCMP.

•Police assisted emergency health services on Canyon-Lister Road when a resident had an adverse reaction to cookies laced with marijuana.

•There were no injuries, but a single vehicle sustained extensive damage when it rolled on black ice near Jordan’s Cabin on Highway 3 west of Creston.

•A nine-year-old reported missing by his grandmother on Cedar Street was found at his mother’s workplace.

•A Ford Mustang was reportedly speeding down the street in front of the RCMP detachment.

•Neither party wanted charges to be laid following the complaint of a minor assault on 20th Avenue South.

November 21

•In a Riverview Road disturbance that appeared to be prescription drug-related, all of the subjects involved were known to police.

•A suspicious vehicle on Wenger Road belonged to a local church handing out flyers.

•A vehicle left in a restaurant parking lot on Northwest Boulevard was the subject of a hit and run by an unknown vehicle.

November 22

•In an ongoing issue on Canyon-Lister Road, semis were reported to be blocking the road as they were being loaded, and the owner was trying to direct traffic.

•A bad driver was reported on Ninth Avenue North.

•All parties were known to each other in the theft of personal items on Erickson Road.

•A chainsaw was found on Beam Road, and RCMP are checking it against severl recent reports of similar such lost or stolen items.

•An older pickup trying pull a red Honda out of ditch near Summit Creek Bridge was gone when police attended.

•Both owners were notified after one vehicle being backed out of a residence struck a parked vehicle.

November 23

•Damage under $1,000 was reported after a vehicle on 15th Avenue South jumped out of park and rolled into a power pole. No injuries resulted.

•A  break and enter was reported at a Wenger Road residence.

•Three males were reported to be having a very loud argument on Canyon Street. When police attended, they were informed the argument was over money owed.

•Police attended an 11th Avenue South residence with emergency health services, where they found an intoxicated male subject in possession of an expensive mountain bike that cost beyond his means. They are now trying to associate the bike with other files.

•A vehicle was damaged on Winlaw Road after the owner swerved to avoid a dog in the road.

•A hotel tenant broke a window on Northwest Boulevard, and will pay for the damage.

•RCMP are looking for a male following a spousal assault on Northwest Boulevard. He had already left the scene when police arrived.

November 24

•There were no signs of forced entry or theft at a 20th Avenue South residence, but an unsecured back door the owners didn’t remember the door being unlocked caused them to call the police.

•A shop at the mall was the subject of a break and enter in which a large amount of hair products were taken. The subject appeared to be on foot, as several items were located along a fence heading into town.