Break-in, erratic driving among Creston RCMP calls

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  • Jun. 28, 2016 8:00 a.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 77 calls for service from June 20-26, Staff Sgt. Darryl Hammond said on Monday.

June 20

•A reported break-in to a Kitchener residence resulted in the theft of a TV, laptop and houseplant.

•Garbage including beer cans, and evidence of mischief, was evidence left after an overnight party on the Adam Robertson Elementary School (ARES) grounds.

•A skateboard was found at Canyon Park.

•Police received a report of a youth possessing drugs in Creston.

•RCMP attended an Erickson residence to keep the peace while someone retrieved belongings.

•A vehicle pulling an overloaded trailer was reported near Yahk, but police were unable to locate it.

•A neighbours’ dispute over noise was reported on 24th Avenue North.

June 21

•A motorcycle crash resulting in injuries to driver and rider was reported as having occurred on Highway 3 near Crawford Bay on June 18.

•An eastbound tanker truck was reported to be leaking fluid near Kitchener on Highway 3. Police later learned the fluid was milk.

•Garbage was dumped at the former West Creston ferry landing in what has become an ongoing problem.

•A motorcyclist who used ARES as his playground was warned.

•Participants in a loud party in Kitchener co-operated with police and toned the noise down.

June 22

•A complaint about ongoing loud noise on Highway 3A was referred to the Regional District of Central Kootenay.

•An abandoned vehicle was reported in Riondel.

•A vehicle towing a utility trailer on Highway 3 near Lakeview-Arrow Creek Road was reported to be passing vehicles on a double solid line at a high rate of speed.

•A child and dog were reportedly left in a parked vehicle on Cook Street.

•An SPCA representative dealt with a horse reported to be in distress on Highway 3 in Erickson.

•Moose antlers were stolen from the front yard of a 16th Avenue South residence. The suspect drove off in a grey compact car with a damaged windshield.

•A male who reportedly left home in the morning without his medication was located and found to be fine.

•A 63-year-old woman died suddenly in her home in Lister.

•A male faces charges of being unlawfully in a dwelling after entering a 10th Avenue North residence yelling that people were chasing him. Police received a report at about the same time from the hospital that a male had left the hospital and there concerns for his safety. He was arrested and later released with a promise to appear in court.

•A youth driving erratically was reported near Kingsgate.

•Charges are pending after a youth assaulted another youth on 11th Avenue South.

June 23

•An unwanted guest caused a disturbance on 18th Avenue.

•A couple set up camp near 26th Avenue North, claiming to have the owner’s permission. Unfortunately, it was the owner who confronted them and they agreed to move on.

•Police helped emergency medical personnel enter a locked residence on Seventh Avenue South to attend to a female in medical distress.

•A bike left in Burns Park was turned into the police station. The owner claimed it shortly afterward.

•Police determined that a domestic dispute on 16th Avenue South did not involve physical contact.

•Patrols failed to locate an intoxicated female reported to be on Highway 21.

•An intoxicated male pedestrian stumbled into a motorcycle in the 2700 block of Highway 3, knocking it over.

•A vehicle collided with a bear on Highway 3 near Kootenay Pass.

June 24

•A suspect was arrested after a window was broken at an Elm Street residence.

•A vehicle collided with a deer on Highway 3 near Kitchener.

•Police officers on ATVs did patrols on Hawkins Creek Forest Service Road.

•Police served documents at an Eighth Avenue South residence on behalf of Lethbridge city police.

•Suspicious phone calls were reported at a Westridge Street residence.

•Threats were reported by a Dogwood Street resident.

•A truck stolen in Erickson was located in Cranbrook.

•The youth driving erratically near Kingsgate was located and warned, as were his parents.

•An abandoned trailer was reported at the community complex.

June 25

•A cellphone was lost on Northwest Boulevard.

•Police were called to a dispute about a parked car on Fifth Avenue North.

•A found wallet was turned into the police station.

•A large number of vehicles parked at an event at the Wildlife Interpretation Centre was the subject of a complaint about safety.

•Police attended a residence to keep the peace while social workers did a home inspection.

•Responding to a complaint about four vehicles racing and driving erratically on Canyon-Lister Road, police located one and issued a warning, which the driver agreed to pass on to his friends.

June 26

•Police helped emergency medical personnel enter a Cook Street residence.

•An eastbound vehicle was reportedly passing others on a double solid line on Highway 3 near Yahk.

•A dispute about rent and property broke out at an Erickson residence.

•Drugs were seized for destruction in a traffic stop on Meadow Creek Road.

•Change machines were tampered with at a Canyon Street business. A suspect has been identified.

•Police were unable to locate the source of explosions and gunshots reported in the Kitchener area.

•An erratic pickup towing a trailer was reported on Highway 3 in Erickson but not located by police.