Bear chases, break-ins and more for Creston RCMP

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  • Jul. 25, 2011 4:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 90 calls from July 11-17, a typical summer week of break-ins, driving complaints and bear chases, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on July 14.

July 11

•Harassment was alleged by a resident of 48th Street, who complained about a vehicle driving past the home.

•A black Samsung Rugby flip-style cellphone was lost on Helen Street.

•When police patrols responded to a complaint of a possibly impaired driver on 20th Avenue South, they located the vehicle parked in a driveway and could take no further action.

•A Saskatchewan resident was arrested at the Kingsgate border crossing on an outstanding warrant.

July 12

•A motorcyclist was taken to hospital with minor injuries after a vehicle backed into him in a Northwest Boulevard parking lot.

•A male and female were seen checking vehicle and building doors on Northwest Boulevard. They were last seen scaling a fence and stealing cherries from trees.

•A letter requesting the reassessment of a driver’s capabilities has been sent to the Motor Vehicles Branch after police received an expression of concern about an elderly driver being deaf and having little eyesight.

July 13

•A hole was cut into a chain link fence at a Northwest Boulevard business, allowing thieves to escape with a hydraulic log splitter valued at $900.

•Mexican money and two Canadian passports were stolen from a strongbox in a Goat River Road residence.

•The owner of a green car that passed four cars on a double solid line on Highway 3 was located and warned.

•Following GPS instructions without knowing the area could have been disastrous for a couple that attempted to drive from Kimberley to Crawford Bay. They were directed over the Gray Creek Pass and got stuck in snow but, luckily, they were in an area with cell phone coverage and were able to call for help.

July 14

•The owner of a vehicle left for a week at Kitchener’s Home Style Café has been notified to move it.

•A Highway 3 resident complained that a neighbor plays tapes of barking dogs loudly, 24 hours a day.

•A driver and passenger sustained minor injuries when their vehicle and U-Haul trailer went off Highway 3 near Irishman Creek.

July 15

•Police were unable to locate the source of a possible gunshot in the Ash Street area.

•A golf cart was stolen from the Creston Golf Course and located, undamaged, shortly afterward.

•The owner of a dog that attacked another dog on 51st Street is taking precautions to prevent a recurrence.

•A check of 50 vehicles at a checkstop on Lower Wynndel Road resulted in an unlicensed driver having his vehicle impounded.

July 16

•A 20-year-old male skateboarder was arrested for being drunk in public.

•A group of intoxicated males conducting mischief at the Riondel Boat Club was last seen driving off in a black Pontiac Sunfire.

•The theft of 11 bottles of homemade wine and a dozen bottles of beer was reported by a Seventh Avenue South resident.

•A 16-year-old female was taken to hospital from the Starbelly Jam after overdosing on a drug that she thought was ecstasy. Gollan credited festival organizers for their co-operation and efficiency in warning those in attendance about the problem.

July 17

•A female was issued a three-day driving suspension after a roadside screening device test resulted in a “warning” indication of alcohol consumption.

•An impaired driver with an N on his vehicle was issued a 90-day driving prohibition and his vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

•While investigating reports of a black bear in the 11th Avenue North area, police were told that a male on a bicycle had been seen chasing the bear in Schikurski Park. “Not a good idea,” Gollan said.

•Conservation officers were called to deal with a baby bear that some thoughtful people dropped off at the Gray Creek Store.