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B.C. looking for input on grizzly stewardship, bear viewing

Online surveys open until Aug. 18
Grizzly bears have special significance to the people of B.C. culturally and symbolically. Additionally, in western Canada, they are designated federally as a species of special concern. Photo: John Thomas/Unsplash

People in British Columbia are invited to share their thoughts on grizzly bear stewardship and commercial bear viewing, as the province develops strategies to strengthen environmental stewardship and biodiversity.

The ministry of forests is gathering public feedback on the draft Grizzly Bear Stewardship Framework and the Commercial Bear Viewing Strategy through two online questionnaires, which can be accessed online until Aug. 18.

The Grizzly Bear Stewardship Framework aims to strengthen stewardship of bears and their habitat, better managing biodiversity in B.C. and ensuring bears continue to be an integral part of healthy ecosystems.

The Commercial Bear Viewing Strategy aims to provide guidance and recommendations for bear viewing throughout the province.

To access the grizzly survey visit:

To access the bear viewing survey visit:

Each survey takes about 20 minutes to complete.

The strategy includes guidance for viewing bears in a way that reduces viewer’s influence on bears and the development of area-based viewing plans to ensure a healthy and sustainable wildlife tourism industry in British Columbia.

Grizzly bears have special cultural significance in British Columbia, the province notes, adding “they play an important role in many First Nations cultures, as well as tourism and recreational activities.”

Feedback from approximately 85 First Nations and 17 wildlife organizations informed the current version of the framework and strategy. Formal consultation with First Nations will begin following the closure of public engagement.

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