Art event featuring over 50 Creston Valley artists

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  • Apr. 13, 2016 4:00 p.m.
The former Kootenay Hotel is the location of an art show on April 15.

The former Kootenay Hotel is the location of an art show on April 15.

“50 artists. One month. See and hear what they did in a place you’ve never been before.”

The open invitation from organizers of an art event unlike anything seen in the Creston Valley promises to open the eyes of residents to the remarkable range of art created in the area. Paintings, sculpture, ceramics, music, dance, film, spoken word and drama — expect the unexpected, says Gary Deatherage, one of the event’s organizers.

“The first step was an evening six weeks ago that we named Call and Response, based on the old blues music tradition,” he said.

Deatherage’s co-creator of the event, Alison Masters, described how the 45 invited artists were shown samples of music, writing, film and paintings, then given Ziploc bags “containing things to smell, such as soil, limes, leather. They heard sound recordings, saw video clips, and felt inside cloth bags containing objects that were smooth, heavy or rough. These were the calls.”

Artists — more than actually attended the event — responded in droves.

“We are expecting 13 performances pieces and another 40 or more art pieces,” Deatherage said.

“After the call was given, they quite simply got down to work,” Masters said.

The artist response evening will be held on Friday at the former (and soon to be renamed) Kootenay Hotel. Doors to the April 15 event open at 6:30 p.m. and guests are invited to dress warmly because the building is under renovation and is unheated.