Alcohol-related incidents keep RCMP busy

Alcohol-related incidents keep RCMP busy

Creston RCMP responded to 64 calls for service from January 15-22

Creston RCMP responded to 64 calls for service from January 15-22, Staff Sgt. Ryan Currie said on Tuesday. Many of the calls involved alcohol and drug abuse.

January 15

• Two animals had to be dispatched following collisions with vehicles. The first was a deer on Highway 3A and the other was a moose in West Creston.

January 16

• A person involved in a neighbour dispute has been referred to social services for help after police became concerned for the person’s well-being.

January 17

• A Creston resident reported that his vehicle, left with keys in the ignition, was stolen overnight. It was found to have been involved in a collision earlier and abandoned.

January 18

• Police stopped a vehicle in town that appeared to have a rear wheel falling off. The stop was fruitful. The driver had been drinking and already had a condition to drive with an interlock device, which was not present in the vehicle. Further investigation revealed that the vehicle bore the wrong license plate and had not been transferred in time. Charges are pending.

January 19

• When police responded to a report of a suspicious person sitting on the Kootenay River Bridge on Highway 3 they learned that the subject was just out for a walk.

• A check stop of 20 vehicles on Highway 3A to check for impaired drivers and other infractions revealed no concerns.

January 20

• Early in the morning police saw a vehicle drive up onto a snow bank near the 9th Avenue South sidewalk. Pedestrians yelled at the driver and police stopped the vehicle as it attempted to leave. The very intoxicated driver refused to provide a breath sample and has been charged.

• Police intervened when a fight involving a large group of people broke out on Canyon Street. Their investigation indicated the dispute started with a stolen cell phone. Alcohol appears to have been an aggravating factor.

• When police responded to a complaint of theft and assault from a residence they concluded that no offence had taken place and that alcohol was a factor in the complaint.

• Three other complaints of disturbances, assaults and breach of peace were fueled by alcohol and drug use.

January 21

• No charges are being pursued after police were called to investigate a harassment complaint. An investigation revealed a break-up had resulted in angry texts and communications between the two parties.

January 22

• Police are investigating the spray-painting vandalism of several outside walls of downtown buildings. Anyone with information about the responsible parties is asked to call the RCMP at 250-428-9313.