A quiet New Year’s for RCMP

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  • Jan. 10, 2017 12:00 p.m.

New Year’s Eve was an unusually quiet one in Creston, according to RCMP Staff Sgt. Darryl Hammond.

“It was surprisingly quiet,” he said on Monday. “We gave out two Immediate Roadside Prohibitions, but that’s about it.”

The week’s total of 66 calls for service was a bit below average, too, he added.

December 26

•Police are investigating the expiration of a firearms license for a restricted weapon.

•An SUV driver made an unfortunate decision to pass an ambulance at Highway 3/21, ending up in a snowbank. No injuries resulted.

•A 7th Avenue resident was found to be in breach of bail conditions.

•Charges are pending after a Bodor Road resident breached court conditions.

December 27

•A loud party was reported on 23rd Avenue South.

•An 89-year-old female died suddenly in her home on Vancouver Street.

•A domestic dispute in Erickson centered around money and liquor, and who paid for how much.

•Charges are pending for breach of conditions after an intoxicated male was reported to be pounding on windows on 11th Avenue South.

•A tractor was stolen on 26th Avenue North but it got stuck in snow as thieves tried to drive away.

•When police responded to a complaint about a female yelling on Bodor Road they found she was in breach of court conditions.

•A semi was reported to be tailgating and passing unsafely on Highway 21.

•A live bear was reportedly eaten by another animal on 36th Avenue North but police found no sign of blood or tracks.

December 28

•A deer being mauled by two dogs was reported in the same area.

•Police are investigating a fraudulent electronic transfer of funds reported on 33rd Avenue South.

December 29

•A neighbours’ dispute over water was reported on Whimster Road in Canyon.

•A vehicle was found to be uninsured when stopped at 9th Avenue South and Railway Boulevard.

•Snowmobiles were reportedly being driven on Riondel public roads.

•A man lying on the ground on Highway 3 in Erickson was taken into custody until sober.

December 30

•A minor two-vehicle collision was reported on 20th Avenue North.

•A vehicle went into the ditch on Canyon-Lister Road.

•A snowplow collided with a vehicle on Highway 21 and both vehicles were significantly damaged.

•Police were called to Rykerts border crossing about a child custody issue.

•A male reported to be smoking drugs on 16th Avenue South was located and warned.

•An aggressive intoxicated male on Canyon-Lister Road was arrested and held in cells until sober.

December 31

•A check of 50 vehicles at the Kootenay Pass parking lot found that five did not have the required winter tires. All were issued warnings.

•Police issued a 90-day driving prohibition to a driver in Crawford Bay who had been drinking.

•At the same time, East Kootenay Traffic Services did the same favour for a driver stopped east of Creston on Highway 3. In both cases the vehicles were impounded for 30 days.

•An out of control female at a Simon Road party was taken to another residence for her safety.

January 1

•A vehicle went into the ditch off Connel Road.

•Loud music led to a complaint from 11th Avenue South.

•A driver who had consumed alcohol was stopped on Erickson Road and issued a 24-hour driving suspension.

•A landlord-tenant dispute was reported on Westview Road.

•Harassing communications were reported in Crawford Bay.

•A male was arrested on an outstanding warrant at Rykerts. He was later released on a promise to appear in court.