911 non-emergencies keep RCMP busy

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  • Nov. 29, 2016 7:00 p.m.

Creston police had an unusually busy week for November, in part because of a large number of 911 calls that turned out not be emergencies but still have to be responded to, Staff Sgt. Darryl Hammond said on Monday. In total, Creston RCMP responded to 79 calls for service from November 21-27, he said.

November 21

•The first of numerous calls, many about noises, came from a Kidd Creek camper.

•A cell phone found in Centennial Park was turned over to police.

•Hammond suspects that a report about child abuse is more likely a result of a custody dispute.

•A complaint from Ash Street about a noisy vehicle said it seemed to have no muffler.

•A vehicle collided with a deer on Highway 3 on the Creston Flats.

•A 25th Avenue resident reported a male dressed in dark clothing who was walking along with a clipboard, apparently making notes about residences. Police did not locate him.

•Police could find no cause for a loud bang reported in an alley before a vehicle drove away near 8th Avenue South.

•Police investigated inappropriate Facebook comments.

•A vehicle reported to be driving in the wrong lane on Northwest Boulevard at Valley View Road was not located.

November 22

•A male called from 11 Avenue South reported he had been punched in the face but when police arrived they found he was intoxicated and unable to provide information.

•A misdialed 911 call came from Wynndel.

•Mischief to a Northwest Boulevard church in the form of graffiti leads police to suspect it might have been done by the same person who defaced the spirit bear sculpture on Northwest Boulevard at Pine Street.

•A vehicle collided with a deer on Highway 3 near Kidd Creek.

•When police located a driver reported to have driven in the oncoming lane on Highway 3 near Yahk he said he had pulled over to make a left turn in order to let vehicles behind pass him.

•Turkey hunters were reported in the Kitchener area.

•When police headed near Kidd Creek on Highway 3 to investigate a noise complaint they came across an impaired driver, who was issued a 90-day driving prohibition His vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

November 23

•Based on a complaint, a Smart car in control by a not so smart driver was driving erratically and speeding, and also ran a Stop sign at Highway 3 and 33rd Avenue.

•A 4th Avenue North resident reported a credit card had been compromised.

•When police responded to a loud music complaint on 6th Avenue North late in the afternoon they learned that the music came from a band that practices two hours a week at that location and time.

•An erratic driver on Highway 3A north of Wynndel will likely face a medical review regarding his driver’s license.

•A severely intoxicated male on Mallory Road was taken to hospital.

•A 911 call was made by a person with dementia on Regina Street.

November 24

•Police attended an 8th Avenue South call regarding a warrant for a male had failed to comply with court conditions.

•People hunting illegally and shooting from a vehicle near 36th Street and Lloyd Road were reported.

•A bag containing a small amount of marijuana was found in Burns Park.

•A third party reported a historical sexual assault.

•A person who found a wallet in Calgary forgot to turn it into police there. When he remembered, he turned it over to the RCMP here and it is being returned to the owner.

•An unwanted intoxicated guest was reported on Highway 3 in Erickson.

•A vehicle reported to have been parked for four hours near Wynndel left shortly after the call to police.

November 25

•A tree fell across the road and power lines on Highway 3A near Lockhart.

•A Wynndel domestic dispute did not escalate to assault.

•A Crawford Bay resident reported a sexual assault that occurred in 2014.

•An unwanted guest was reported on Lakeview-Arrow Creek Road.

•Loud music from a vehicle was reported on 7th Avenue North.

•At a police roadblock in response to a large party on Kootenay River Road 30 vehicles carrying about 60 youths were all in control of sober drivers.

November 26

•An male called 911 but his only problem was being intoxicated.

•A vehicle stopped for swerving and crossing the line at 9:20 a.m. on 21st Street was found to be in control of an intoxicated male. He was given a 90-day driving prohibition and the vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

•A motor vehicle accident at the Highway 3/21 intersection resulted in a driver getting a ticket for making an improper left turn.

•A wallet found on Canyon Street was returned to the owner.

•Police mediated after concerning messages were posted on Facebook.

•A recent surgery patient called police to report being in pain.

•A vehicle collided with a deer on Highway 3.

•A 911 call was made by a child playing with the phone.

November 27

•A complaint was made about skiers parking in a brake check area on Highway 3 near Monk Creek. The highway maintenance contractor is making efforts to clear a larger space to accommodate them.

•Police assisted Kamloops RCMP with a missing person investigation.

•A stop check of 60 vehicles on Northwest Boulevard at Railway Boulevard revealed no infractions.

In a case not reported to police, a Creston Valley reported to the Advance that she had been taken in by a computer scam. A message that popped up on her screen said her computer needed servicing, and gave directions to telephone for repair. She did, and authorized a $399 US charge to her Visa card. Later, she realized she might have been bilked, and contacted her daughter, a Spokane resident, who was diligent and successful in her efforts to get the credit card charge reversed.

“I feel so stupid,” she told the Advance. “I just want to warn others not to fall for this message—it is a scam.”