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6 months later and no charges in Kelowna teen’s homicide

Tristan Seeger was struck by a vehicle and killed in October 2023

Paule Seeger refuses to let her son be forgotten.

Friends and family gathered on April 22, at Ben Lee Park in Kelowna to remember 15-year-old Tristan Seeger on the sixth-month anniversary of his homicide death.

Seeger misses her son’s laugh and “the fact that he lived life hard.” She said when Tristan found something interesting he threw his whole self into learning more about it.

“He was just unafraid, and we need more of that,” Seeger added.

Laughter and tears were shared over pizza at an afternoon picnic near the bench that has become Tristan’s memorial for the past six months.

“I want to thank whoever’s bench it is who has allowed us to use it as a memorial for Tristan,” Seeger said.

The city has agreed to have another bench installed overlooking the Ben Lee skate park in memory of Tristan, one of the teenager’s favourite spots in Kelowna.

The 15-year-old was run over and killed near the park on Oct. 21, 2023. Tristan died of his injuries the following day.

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Despite six months having passed, Seeger is still waiting for justice.

“RCMP has finished their investigation,” Seeger said, adding the files are currently being reviewed by Crown. Although Seeger has been told what the recommended charges are, she refused to share the information as it could jeopardize the case.

The RCMP would not comment on charges being forwarded to the Crown and stated they had no updates on the matter.

To all of Tristan’s friends also waiting on answers, Seeger said, “Hold steady. It feels like nothing is going on, but it is.”

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