It’s time to celebrate dad on June 19. (Pixabay)

It’s time to celebrate dad on June 19. (Pixabay)

5 fun ways to celebrate Father’s Day last minute

Dear old dad deserves his day

Sunday, June 19 is Father’s Day – a time to thank the dads, stepdads, grandpas, and other influential men in our lives for being there to guide us.

• The great outdoors

If your dad loves spending time outside, grab a fishing pole and tackle box this weekend and head out to his favourite spot. If you’re not sure where to go, gift dad a membership to the Creston Valley Rod and Gun Club and head out to Mawson Lake. While waiting for the fish to bite, you’ll have lots of time to bond and reminisce about days gone by.

• Backyard barbecue

While your dad might usually be the master of the barbecue, why not give him a break and try to impress him with your own skills? Invite the family over, pick up some snacks and local beef from Paul’s Superette, and get to grilling!

If the weather doesn’t permit gathering outside, set the dining room table and order takeout from Tim’s Fish and Chips or Jimmy’s Pub instead. Nothing brings family together like food!

• Beer tasting

If your dad loves his brews, stop by Wild North Brewery for a beer tasting! There are lots of ales to choose from or get a flight to sample four at once. Once he’s chosen his favourite, you can send dad home with a growler and some fun merch.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, stop at one of the local liquor stores and pick out several of the most interesting craft beers. Then, pick up some meats from Famous Fritz for a charcuterie board, and create your own experience at home.

• Game day

Did you inherit a competitive streak from your dad? Well, now’s the time to go head to head! Whether it’s board games, video games, trivia questions, or backyard corn hole, set up a gaming station with the rest of the family for a day of friendly competition. To make things more interesting, keep score and have prizes for the winners.

• Movie night

If you want to excite the movie buff of the family, plan a screening of dad’s favourite movies. Gather the coziest blankets and pillows, then invite over family and friends to make it a special event. For a new experience, gift him a projector to set up in the yard for outdoor viewing, just like the old drive-in movies! If you don’t have a projector screen, a white sheet will do just fine.

And did you know… Tivoli Theatre offers takeout for popcorn and treats! Bring home some hot, buttery popcorn to dad as a nice surprise.

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