The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

36-year-old Creston male killed in single vehicle crash

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  • Oct. 2, 2013 9:00 a.m.

A 36-year-old male driver died at the scene of a single vehicle crash on Sunday, Creston RCMP Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

Gollan said Derek Grindle, a Creston resident, apparently was unable to negotiate a curve with his pickup and went over a small embankment. He was not wearing a seatbelt, and had not been consuming alcohol.


Police Beat

Creston RCMP responded to 57 calls for service from Sept. 23-29, Gollan said.

September 23

•An Osborne Road resident reported a suspicious vehicle was parked in his driveway. The driver moved on at the resident’s request.

•A suspicious vehicle was reported near Northwest Boulevard, the scene of recent thefts.

•No injuries resulted when a driver collided with a concrete post on 20th Avenue and Canyon Street.

•Would-be thieves were unable to start a quad at a Goat River Road residence, but they did steal the keys.

•A male resident of Pitt Road in Lister admitted to shooting a neighbour’s dog with a pellet gun, telling police it was aggressive and running loose in the area.

September 24

•Police determined that a report about a stolen motorcycle did not involve a theft. It was deemed to be a civil dispute.

•When police conducted a well-being check at a Pine Street residence they determined the resident is in Trail hospital.

•The owner of a wallet found on Canyon Street has been notified.

•Police attended a 911 call from Cavell Street, where a medical emergency was in progress. The patient was taken to hospital by ambulance.

•A witness to a hit and run on Canyon Street reported seeing a pickup truck scrape the side of parked pickup, then drive away. A licence plate number was provided to police.

•Tattoo-covered people in an older motorhome parked near Erickson Elementary School were reported as being suspicious. The vehicle was gone when police arrived.

•When police followed up on a Crime Stoppers tip about a child being kidnapped and held in Crawford Bay, they found the information was unfounded.

September 25

•A vehicle backed into a parked vehicle on 25th Avenue South. No injuries were reported.

•Police were asked to attend a Highway 3 residence to check on a possibly suicidal male.

•A female subject of a well-being check request was found to be OK at her Corey Road residence.

•At a Meadow Creek Road check stop of nine vehicles, one driver was issued a 24-hour driving prohibition for having consumed alcohol after he attempted to turn around to avoid police. Another was found to be driving without a licence and a third was issued a warning for having open liquor in the vehicle.

September 26

•A Cavell Street resident could not explain how a 911 call was dialed.

•Drivers of vehicles involved in a minor collision on Canyon Street were gone when police arrived.

•A male reported that another male threatened to burn his house down because a small marijuana delivery was late.

•Police determined that a request to evict a Leadville Road resident was a civil matter.

•An 11th Avenue North resident reported being threatened by a neighbor in a dispute over a dog running loose.

•An erratic school bus driver was reported on Walkley Road in Crawford Bay.

•A cheque found on Canyon Street has been turned over the payee.

•Children playing with a cellphone were responsible for the accidental dialing of 911 from an Ash Street residence.

•A vehicle reported to be passing un-safely over double solid lines on Highway 3 was not located.

•Both vehicles were damaged in a Helen Street collision, but no injuries were reported.

•Police were called to Kingsgate to assist border personnel with a known U.S. drug gang affiliation who was trying to enter Canada. He was taken into custody and returned to the U.S.

September 27

•Horses reported to be on Highway 21 were not located.

•A 911 call from Cavell Street was made accidentally.

•A Duck Lake Road resident with a medical issue was taken to see a doctor.

•Police were unable to locate a white Chrysler reported to be driving erratically in Erickson.

•A landlord reported that a renter moved out of his Cook Street residence and took items not belonging to him.

•Police attempted to locate youths on Ninth Avenue South who were reported to be in possession of a handgun. They were unsuccessful but witnesses reported the gun was a toy.

•An Elm Street resident reported that a female was urinating on his lawn. She was not located.

•When police stopped a driver on Canyon Street for failing to signal a turn, the male handed his car keys through the vehicle window and said, “Take me in.” He blew a fail on a roadside alcohol screening device and was issued a 90-day driving suspension and his vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

September 28

•An erratic driver was stopped on 22nd Avenue North. He failed a roadside alcohol screening device test and was issued a 90-day driving prohibition. His vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

•An intoxicated female found lying on the ground near Canyon Street was transported to a residence.

•A resident of 28th Street in Lister reported prescriptions of oxycodone and Percocet were missing.

•A male was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

September 29

•A female reported getting text messages that she perceived as being threating.

•Police assisted Kingsgate border personnel with an investigation.

•A well-being check on a female resident of Birch Street revealed she was OK.