Goat. (Advance file)

Goat. (Advance file)

101st Creston Valley Fall Fair celebrates local agriculture

The Creston Valley Fall Fair will celebrate its 101st year Sept. 5-7 at the Creston and District Community Complex.

The fair will showcase local livestock, farm and garden produce, baking, preserves, crafts and youth exhibits.

“The fall fair will feature Creston Valley’s local agriculture with the return of the antique tractor show, 4-H show and auction hosted by the Boots and Stools 4-H Club and the second annual Fall Fair Feast,” said Lisa Browne, a member of the Creston Valley Fall Fair Society.

Several members of the Boots and Stools 4-H Club are completing their market projects at the fall fair by participating in the 4-H show and auction.

“The children that are selling their animals in the 4-H auction are taking part in a market project,” said Browne. “Each child raised an animal, learning how to feed and care for an animal that is going to market. At the fall fair, they’re putting on their marketing hats and learning how to present their market animals to prospective buyers.”

Boots and Stools 4-H Club are encouraging the public to come out to the show and auction and see what it’s all about.

“Come out and meet the kids. Ask them questions before the auction,” said Browne.

The Second Annual Fall Fair Feast highlights local farmers and wineries in the Creston Valley.

“The feast includes a buffet dinner hosted by ‘Demetre’s Catering sourced from local farmers and wineries,” said Browne. “Proceeds from the dinner are going to the local Farmers’ Market Nutrition Coupon Program, a healthy eating initiative that supports the Creston Valley Farmers’ Market and strengthens food security amongst individuals in need in the Creston Valley.”

The complete event schedule for the 101st Creston Valley Fall Fair can be found on page A13 of this week’s Creston Valley Advance.

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