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Tips for Diamond Ring Shopping for your Fiance

If you are out and about, looking for the perfect diamond ring for your fiance, then let’s just begin by saying, “CONGRATULATIONS.”

If you are out and about, looking for the perfect diamond ring for your fiance, then let’s just begin by saying, “CONGRATULATIONS.”

You are stepping in a new phase of your life and it can be quite thrilling. Gearing up for a proposal or an engagement party can be nerve wracking. You are feeling all types of emotions but at the same time, the nervousness is unreal.

An engagement ring, especially if you are planning to buy a diamond one, is a huge investment. The expense is considerably big and you don’t want it to go wrong. Thus, scouting through different rings and brands, to look for the perfect pick can be a bit overwhelming. But worry not; we have listed some simple tips that will help you put the perfect ring on that beautiful ring.

Tips for Perfect Diamond Ring Shopping:

Afraid to make the wrong ring purchase? Not anymore! Scroll through these basic tips to help you purchase a ring that is nothing but beautiful and fits just right.

  1. Choose a Shape:

Start by looking for the shape of the ring you want, as it will narrow down your choices. It will help you in the hunt largely. There are different shapes that you can choose from and the more you explore, the more confused you will be. Round shaped rings are the most costly ones. On the other hand, pears are less expensive.

If you are sticking to a budget, then picking the affordable shape might be a smart move to make. It can be unique too. You can also have a look at to explore different shapes and then decide on one.

  1. The Right Metal for the Ring Band:

It is important to know that ring bands are composed of white gold, yellow gold, silver and platinum. In the past few years, rose gold has also made its place in the market. Thus, you need to choose the metal you want while picking the ring. Platinum looks just like silver but is a little more costly as it is denser. Consider all the whereabouts, before choosing the metal.

  1. Measure Her Finger Perfectly:

This might seem obvious but many times, people rush back to shops to get the ring fixed because it isn’t the “perfect” fit. Remember that the ring should be fit but also comfortable at the same time. It should be too tight that it makes it hard for your finger to breathe and neither should it be too loose that it might fall off. It is best if you both go to the shop together to buy the ring. Or you can measure her finger perfectly to get the size right.

  1. Buy from Certified Brands:

Buying a diamond ring is a lifetime investment and you want to make sure that you buy from certified brands only. Shop smartly. Look for different brands and take an insight to their certifications too. You will be surprised to experience that there are many brands that aren’t certified. Skip them. Certified sellers might charge you a bit more but they are the safest and smartest choice to opt for.

  1. It is okay to Negotiate:

Feel free to negotiate. You won’t get a large discount but even the slightest bit would seem like a relief. Do extensive research before making your pick and it is okay to bargain a bit. Remember that the best sellers will be fine with negotiating a bit. Let them know your budget and they might show you wonderful designs in that range as well. Therefore, it is important to take your time whilst looking for the best diamond ring. Never rush into getting one.


Shopping for a diamond ring is a bit intimidating; it is expensive and you don’t want to make a wrong purchase. However, taking your time will help you buy a ring that stands out and looks utterly beautiful too. Remember to do a lot of research. Even if you are short on time, you can look for different ideas online and then head out to buy one for your fiance.