Prices for treatment with HIPEC

The best medical treatment in the world is carried out using advanced methods, one of which is the hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC). This technique helps treat malignant tumors that have spread from the internal organs to the walls of the abdominal cavity. Thus, it is indicated for patients with advanced stages of cancer.

The cost of HIPEC procedure and how it’s formed

The cost of HIPEC primarily depends on the type of tumor and degree of its spread. The price also depends on the patient’s condition, presence of comorbidities and the need for additional interventions in the treatment regimen. Obviously, total expenses also depend on the cost of medicine for a particular course of chemotherapy, etc. That is why the final cost of cancer treatment is always individual and must be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

However, information about the average HIPEC procedure cost can facilitate the financial arrangements, negotiation with insurance companies, etc.

The cost of treatment programs with HIPEC for different types of oncology is as follows:

  • The average price of HIPEC in rectal cancer is 38,570 EUR

  • The average price of HIPEC in colon cancer is 38,253 EUR

  • The average price of HIPEC in for appendix cancer is 38,214 EUR

  • The average price of HIPEC in duodenal cancer is 38,161 EUR

  • The average price of HIPEC in stomach cancer is 38,100 EUR

  • The average price of HIPEC in ovarian cancer is 17,385 EUR

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What is HIPEC all about?

HIPEC therapy is a two-stage process: surgery comes first and chemotherapy follows it. First, the oncologist removes all the visible tumor lesions. This intervention is called cytoreductive surgery and aims to reduce the number of malignant cells. As a result, the cancer intoxication is reduced, and the health condition improves.

The remaining tumor cells are targeted by a heated chemotherapeutic agent. Tumor cells are more sensitive to high temperatures than the healthy cells. Therefore, hyperthermic chemotherapy has a more substantial effect on them. Direct contact between the neoplasm and the highly concentrated drug solution increases the drug absorption rate and the general effectiveness of the treatment compared to conventional systemic chemotherapy.

The heated drug washes the entire abdominal cavity, reaching even those areas that are not visible during a surgical intervention. A procedure lasts about two hours, after which the medication is removed from the abdominal cavity.

Survival rates depend on a number of factors, the most critical being the type and localization of the tumor. Patients with the highest chances of recovery are those with primary cancer, while people with secondary cancer have lower recovery rates.

With HIPEC, physicians maintain relatively low morbidity and mortality. Doctors are able to increase long-term survival or prolong recurrence-free period in two-thirds of patients.

In the world’s leading hospitals, this treatment technique has been used for more than 20 years. During this time, physicians have accumulated great practical experience and have conducted many clinical trials with administration of HIPEC therapy.

How to undergo HIPEC during a lockdown?

The fact is that HIPEC is not available in every hospital. People who require or want to undergo the procedure often have to travel abroad. However, traveling during a lockdown might be tricky.

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