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Creston Valley clinic challenges the stigma of hearing loss

‘Technology has come so far, and hearing aids are only getting better’
Most hearing aids now have Bluetooth compatibility, apps for phones, and even features like language translation. Photo courtesy of Hearing Loss Clinic.

“Overcoming the stigma is the biggest challenge we face around hearing loss,” says Dr. Reaman, audiologist and clinical director at the Hearing Loss Clinic, which has an office in Creston Valley.

In a society where hearing loss is often associated with aging and decline, many are hesitant to seek help – why the clinic’s main focus is educating the public and providing comprehensive care.

“We have success stories all the time,” Dr. Reaman says, noting that people leave the clinic hearing sounds they haven’t heard in years.” Advances in technology combined with our wide scope of practice allow us to assess and treat auditory issues with ease and more success than ever before.

“Most hearing aids now have Bluetooth compatibility, apps for phones, and even features like language translation,” she notes.

Beyond hearing, these advancements can enhance people’s overall quality of life, even offering features like step tracking and fall detection.

And those benefits come to people of all ages.

“We see people ages five and up and provide a range of services, including comprehensive hearing tests, informational counselling, hearing aid fittings and follow-up, wax removal, and even specialized services for conditions like tinnitus, auditory processing disorders and concussion” Dr. Reaman says.

This approach ensures that every individual’s hearing needs are met where they are at, whether it’s a child struggling with middle ear issues or an adult experiencing age-related hearing loss.

Providing comprehensive care

From comprehensive hearing tests to tinnitus care, our clinical team at the Hearing Loss Clinic have the resources to provide exceptional hearing care, in addition to a variety of custom solutions for individual needs, such as hearing aids for daily use or custom earplugs for swimming and sleeping.

That local expertise is backed by a network of experts in Southern Alberta & the East Kootenays, bringing a community approach to helping people with hearing loss.

“What makes us different is we can oversee the whole process for our clients, from diagnosis through treatment, specialized tests, referrals to other specialists and more,” Dr. Reaman says, emphasizing that hearing health isn’t just about the ears. “We know that beyond our ability to hear, untreated hearing loss can also lead to faster cognitive decline and increased risk for conditions like dementia and depression ” she warns.

Yet with today’s innovations, including near-invisible hearing aids, there’s no need to let stigma impact your ability to hear.

“Technology has come so far, and hearing aids are only getting better,” Dr. Reaman says.

Visit the Hearing Loss Clinic in Creston at 1000 Northwest Blvd 13A. For more information, or to book your appointment, visit Hearing Loss Clinic online.