The Seasons They Go Round and Round

The Seasons They Go Round and Round

Gleaners continue to donate on a regular basis which helps fund our meal program.

In November TAPS hosted an Appreciation Lunch attended by Jean Syrotek and Elaine Keeling representing the Gleaners Society. Bridget Currie, our TAPS Coordinator, reminded everyone that Gleaners has contributed a whopping $115,000 in financial support since the programs’ inception in 2006. Gleaners continue to donate on a regular basis which helps fund our meal program. Over the years our seniors have given back to Gleaners. Seniors have prepared items sold through Gleaners to help distribute generous donations back to the community. This circle of giving and receive is exemplary in our community and was acknowledged by Justine Keirn, Executive Director of Valley Community Services for what it has meant for our TAPS program.

Thank you to Liza Thorne from the Golden Flour Bakery in Creston who has recently created a display space for TAPS and Cresteramics Art Clubs to share their artistic talents on a regular basis. Participants at TAPS benefit from these collaborations and appreciate being able to contribute to the arts and culture scene in our valley. Thanks to Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance and the Creston Community Arts Council for funding for the art classes with Win Dinn and Eileen Gidman.

Thanks to the generosity of one of our volunteers and the Krafty Kronys, TAPS is hosting a ‘Just in Time for the Holidays’ Sale at TAPS: Rotacrest Lower Level on Friday, November 24th from 10 AM -3 PM. Thanks ladies for all your efforts. Gift ideas, Christmas decorations and more.

Life at TAPS is always interesting. One day this week someone teasingly called Bridget a ‘Grinch’ when she announced: ”One more week without Christmas songs!”; laying down the law for the choir and band. Heralding the inevitable shift of seasons, however, was the cook’s suggestion to dismantle the current harvest display of squashes and have the kitchen volunteers’ process and freeze them for future lunches. Apparently one of our seniors has been counting the squash every day and when one is missing says “I know what we’re having for lunch”.

TAPS operates under the auspices of Valley Community Services. If you are considering making a donation or would like to contribute to our Legacy Endowment Fund please visit or contact the VCS office at 250-428-5547 for more information. For volunteer opportunities or program, inquiries call 250-428-5585 or