Wolverines in need of protection

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Wolverines in need of protection

“Wolverines eat everybody,” says Doug Chadwick, whose book The Wolverine Way is published by Patagonia, “alive, dead or long dead, moose, mouse, fox and frog, still warm or long-frozen.”

Wildsight is proud to bring Chadwick to the Columbia Basin for a Wolverine Way tour this month. Chadwick will present his book and slideshow in Creston, Nelson, Revelstoke, Golden, Invermere, Kimberley, Cranbrook and Fernie.

The biologist and author tracked wolverines in Montana’s Glacier National Park for five years. He came to see the gnarly little carnivores as “the most intriguing creatures ever to walk the wild.” But, for all their bone-crunching ferocity and their ability to climb everything — trees, cliffs, avalanches and summits — wolverines are in serious trouble.

“Wolverine numbers are dwindling,” says Robyn Duncan, tour organizer and Wildsight program manager. “They need vast spaces to roam in order to survive. We hope that Doug’s message will inspire people to join the effort to protect areas for wildlife.

“Everyone is welcome to attend — we hope to see you there!”

Chadwick will be in Creston on Feb. 15 at the Rotacrest Hall at 7 p.m. Admission is $6.