On April 3

On April 3

Wildsight kicks off spring series with Kootenay photos

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The Creston Valley Branch of Wildsight has announced its spring 2012 presentation series:

•On Jan. 23, a repeat performance of Local Colours at the Tivoli will be held.

Join local photographers Jim and Howard Smith, Brian Stushnoff, Cheryl Jaggers, Ralph Moore and Raina Messinger for a second showing of Wildsight’s winter slide show. The show begins at 7:30 p.m. at the Tivoli Theatre. Admission is $8.

The following presentations begin at 7 p.m. at Rotacrest Hall, with a $6 admission:

•On Feb. 21, Beaver Tales will be presented by Dr. Glynnis Hood, associate professor at the University of Alberta’s Augustana campus in Camrose, Alta., and author of The Beaver Manifesto.

Beavers have an important influence on nature’s ability to withstand drought while providing habitat for many other species. Is it a pesky rodent or water superhero? Hood will discuss her latest research that shows there is much more to beavers than meets the eye. She is to be featured on The Nature of Things in the fall of 2012.

The Creston Valley branch of Wildsight’s annual general meeting will follow Beaver Tales.

•Jakob Dulisse, a wildlife biologist and photographer, and John Krebs, a senior wildlife biologist with the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program, from Nelson, will present It’s a Wild Life on March 20.

Dulisse and Krebs explore the world of predator-prey relationships and examine the delicate balance between life and death. Stunning photographs depict the diversity of wildlife around the globe including giant salamanders, carnivorous plants, glowing mushrooms, living fossils, as well as species unique to the Columbia Basin.

The presentation is sponsored by the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program.

•On April 3, Orkney Odyssey will be presented by Lesley Anderton, a retired geology instructor from Castlegar.

Join Anderton on another fascinating trip — this time to the rugged Orkney Islands 10 kilometres north of mainland Scotland. Tens of thousands of seabirds nest on cliffs that overlook a coastline teeming with seals, porpoises, whales, and dolphins. Anderton explores the natural history, archaeology and geology of these interesting islands, which are leading the world in research and development of wind, wave, and tidal energies.

•Finally, on a date to be announced, Patrick and Baiba Morrow, award-winning photojournalists from Wilmer, will present Mountains: The Sacred and the Profane. Their presentation reflects upon three decades of high adventure, from hidden valleys in the Himalaya to Jumbo Pass in the Purcell Mountains of B.C., relaying a message that we must make every effort to rekindle our once strong connection with nature.

— WILDSIGHT (Creston Valley branch)