Sean Cronin's Very Good plays at Creston's Snoring Sasquatch on July 29.

Sean Cronin's Very Good plays at Creston's Snoring Sasquatch on July 29.

Very Good promises musical variety at Creston’s Snoring Sasquatch

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The Vancouver band Sean Cronin’s Very Good is again touring Western Canada. The band’s leader-bassist-vocalist, Sean Cronin, will be returning from his new home in New York, N.Y., to tour with the band on his native soil. Cronin recently moved from Vancouver to New York to seek new musical frontiers, but this eclectic band was not something he planned to leave behind.

“Very Good was definitely one of the projects I had invested the most energy into, creatively,” said Cronin, “and that’s saying a lot, because I played with almost everyone in the city of Vancouver.”

Cronin was raised on country, trained in classical, steeped in punk rock, and brought to maturity as a jazz musician. Similar tales have shaped all of the members of the band, and Very Good is Cronin’s place to conglomerate such stories into song.

Some inspirations include Steve Reich, Bjork, Leonard Cohen and the Band. The band’s malleable nature enables it to fit into any circumstance, be it a dance party or a theatre. Whether they’re performing in the dark, singing a capella to announce that the show will start soon or joined by a marching band that emerges from the audience, Very Good is always full of color, spontaneity and madness.

“If I had to describe it, which I’d rather not, I would say that it’s like a trip between various North American approaches to songwriting< Cronin said. “Songs are a vehicle of creativity. When you mix conventional approaches of songwriting with unconstrained creativity, the result can be pretty explosive.”

Very Good will appear at the Snoring Sasquatch on July 29. Tickets are $10 in advance at Kingfisher Used Books and Black Bear Books and $12 at the door, which opens at 7 p.m.; the show begins at 8.