Tiizak Hamra playing at Creston Zendo yoga benefit

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Tiizak Hamra will play at the zendo benefit on Friday.

Tiizak Hamra will play at the zendo benefit on Friday.

On Feb. 24, the Creston Zendo will be hosting a unique meeting of music and movement in a benefit to fund the purchase of yoga equipment for the zendo. As the Creston Zendo continues to grow as a favorite center for community cultural activities, it’s natural that it would become an inspiring setting for yoga classes, as well as an excellent venue for live music on a small scale.

In what promises to be a memorable and entertaining evening, the zendo will be host to food, music and yoga courtesy of several stellar local artists and practitioners. Yoga teacher Yana will be providing a yoga demonstration and a presentation of her unique approach to this ancient physical and spiritual practice. The yogic term “ahimsa” means non-harm; this concept is the foundation of Yana’s classes, as well as her relationship to others and to Mother Earth. For Yana, yoga needs to be seen as a process rather than looking like a pose in a yoga book.

The music will be provided by local Tuareg trance-sters, Tiizak Hamra, who bring their cheeky virtuosity and creative depth to a musical experience that is both sonically and visually rich and hypnotizing. Appearing in authentic Tuareg nomad garb, surrounded by the rich trappings of veteran caravan raiders, Tiizak Hamra’s music is exotic and entrancing, transporting the listener over the desert horizon to a strange and floating world of musical exploration and expression as wide and deep as the desert sky.

Only 40 tickets, $15 each, are available at Kingfisher Used Books for an evening sure to delight all of your senses. The event will run from 7-9:30 p.m. at the Creston Zendo, located at 824 Regina Street.