Sasquatch movie night kicks off season with surprise film

Web Lead

Movie night will return to the Sasquatch Arts and Music House on Nov. 17.

“We had to take the summer off but are ready to go again with a great selection of movies,” said Jason Smith, a movie buff and Sasquatch volunteer. “We are going to show everything from Science fiction to Hollywood classics.”

The first movie falls under the relatively new category of good bad movie. Or in other words: A movie that is so bad you just can’t look away!

Written, directed, edited and produced by the same man, millions were spent in an apparent attempt to transform himself into a Hollywood superstar.

“There are no special effects to make fun of, no crazy costumes, just the most awkward and poor acting, script and directing you could ever imagine,” said Smith. “This movie has a cult following and fills theatres at midnight showings. The name of the movie is a surprise and will be announced when the short is over at 7:30. This movie is best watched going in blind!”

Popcorn will be popping when the doors open at 7 p.m. After November, movie night moves to its regular night on the second Thursday of each month.