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Rio Samaya offering gypsy vibe to Creston audience

The Rio Samaya Band (Aug. 24 at Snoring Sasquatch) have a unique poetic style of translating simultaneously from Spanish to English...
Pancho and Sal play at Creston's Snoring Sasquatch on Aug. 24.

The Rio Samaya Band is friends with the Boom Booms, who have highly recommended the Snoring Sasquatch and all their loyal fans in Creston to this band, which will play on Aug. 24.

Pancho and Sal play many different instruments and have two CDs currently in print, Secretos and El Regalo.

“Their gypsy vibe and troubadour style will invite you to relax and remember old times,” said one reviewer. “Expect an evening filled with original tunes including rhumbas, reggae and rocky rhythms from around the world. Their spontaneity will be contagious and you will be smiling all the way home after the show.”

Born in San Jorge, Argentina, Pancho wrote poems from a young age. He moved to Europe to follow his dreams of playing the guitar and sharing his songs with the world. After touring in many countries, he became a troubadour-style musician in the 1980s in Sweden.

Playing with gypsies in the south of France, he learned rumbas and flamenco. His compositions reflect these influences of flamenco and other folk rhythms. After years of exchange with other musicians, his original music has a wide diversity of styles.

Sal, who was born in England and raised in Canada, met Pancho in Cuzco, Peru, and from then on, together as a family and musical duo, they have established a name for themselves. Sal compliments the music with her vocals, accordion, shakers, chachas, bombo and guitar. They have a unique poetic style of translating simultaneously from Spanish to English.

They created the Rio Samaya Band with an idea to tour the world like a duo and build up the band, joining with local musicians. The band has already debuted with incredibly talented musicians in Beijing, Tunisia and in their hometown, Vancouver.

Tickets are $12 in advance at Black Bear Books, Buffalo Trails Coffee House and Kingfisher Used Books, and $15 at the door, which opens at 7 p.m.; the show starts at 8.