‘Paintings Plus!’ and ‘Spring Tonic’ coming to Creston chamber and library

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A watercolour by Elaine Alfoldy

A watercolour by Elaine Alfoldy

What fabulous weather we are having, and what fabulous art you will be able to see with the new displays for the Art in the Library and the Art in the Chamber! Many area residents look forward to the “changing of the art” and make a point of visiting the venues to see what the artists are doing. I hope more Creston area people will start making visits like this part of their lives.

The Art in the Chamber exhibit, “Paintings Plus!” features 14 artists with paintings, pottery, jewelry, fabrics, cards and more. Many of the artists are old friends like the Alfoldys, Ute Bachinski, Carol Huscroft and Janet Schofer. Some of the artists (Richard Mitton and Joe Horvath, for example) rarely display work at the Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce, so it makes this display just a bit more special. Also for this exhibit, we have some of the wonderful art of Dena Kubota of Kootenay Bay. Now, if you have been paying attention, you will realize that I have not listed all of the artists so, to find out who else has art at the chamber you will have to come and see for yourselves. There will be art for every taste and every pocketbook from small to large, realistic to abstract, and all of it would look great in your home! The Art in the Chamber display runs March 31-June 30.

The Art in the Library display is a great “Spring Tonic” and should put a bounce in your step. Joe Horvath’s wonderful coloured pencil art depicting a variety of different critters and scenes is a delight to see. The bold and colourful mixed media art by Shelly Lamb brightens every room and provides a contrast to Wendy Reeves’ softer watercolour paintings. All of the art displayed at the Creston Valley Public Library is for sale; just contact the artist and you can have something in your home all year that makes you think spring! The Art in the Library exhibit runs April 2-July 2 so you will have lots of time to stop by and see the art.

Although these new exhibits miss Easter, they cover Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and I am sure there are also birthdays coming up too, so if you are planning gifts, think art, the gift that lasts.

The Art in the Library and Art in the Chamber displays are sponsored by the venues and by the Community of Creston Arts Council, to provide artists from Yahk to Riondel with the opportunity to display their art to the residents of the valley and to any visitors to the area. If you are interested in participating in these displays, contact Val van der Poel at 250-866-5772.

—BY VAL van der POEL