Joe Trio a new breed of classical musicians

Joe Trio a new breed of classical musicians

Joe Trio is not your average piano trio

After Joe Trio performed in Creston several years ago, the local paper exclaimed: “The performance combined a wide range of both classical and contemporary music with a delightful twist of humour and superb musicianship producing a concert sparkling with brilliance.” On Sunday, March 11th Creston Concert Society is pleased to present a return performance by JOE TRIO, a show that is sure to entertain all ages!

Joe Trio is not your average piano trio. They don’t want to be neatly categorized but instead strive for diversity, versatility, and more than a little humour and unpredictability. Their repertoire consists of the classics – from Papa Haydn to Uncle Shostakovich – new works by contemporary composers, and their own arrangements of popular, jazz and rock tunes; this includes the Black Dog Rondo by ‘J.S. Plant,’ showing they’re not afraid to mix together so many styles of music into a single piece it makes your head spin. More than virtuosi, the Trio’s members are fantastic performers who engage the audience in a way few classical musicians can. Amply witty, charming, and tremendously musical, Joe Trio leaves audiences with a new appreciation for classical music. “Their ability to switch almost instantaneously from ‘high art’ to high camp is a delight; their playing is first class and their collective sense of humour indispensable.” [Deryk Barker, Victoria Times Colonist]

Joe Trio consists of violinist/composer Cameron Wilson, who is also a member of the gypsy jazz quartet Van Django, the Hard Rubber Orchestra, and Mariachi Del Sol, Cameron has appeared on the recordings of Bryan Adams, Nickleback, Charlotte Diamond, Spirit of the West and Raffi, and featured on the Lonesome Dove TV series soundtrack; Charles Inkman who “was born at a very early age,” has been playing cello since age eight. Charles has a Bachelor music Degree in performance from the UBC, is a long-standing member of the VSO, played in Broadway musicals and as back up for John Denver, Frank Sinatra Jr. and Brian Wilson to keep things interesting; and freelance pianist Allen Stiles, who, “born at the age of three,” is a founding member of The Little Chamber Music Series That Could Society. Allen holds a Masters degree in piano performance from UBC, and also holds doors open for people. He can’t brag like Charles ‘cause he’s never played with rock stars, but he has played a bunch of musicals and operas in his time. Allen currently resides.

Joe Trio released their first CD, “A Cup of Joe” in 1997, and their second album, recorded with CBC and entitled “Set ‘em up, Joe” (2001), was nominated for Best Classical Performance at the West Coast Music Awards. In 2011 they released “Cold Cuts,” their third CD. In 2003, Cameron set the music to Stuart McLean’s “A History of Canada”, followed by more collaborations including a broadcast on The Vinyl Cafè and touring together in October 2014.

Joe Trio performs at 2:00 p.m. at the Prince Charles Theatre on Sunday, March 11. Tickets are $22 adult and $10 youth in advance from Black Bear Books, Kingfisher Books and Fly in the Fibre or $25/12 at the door. Like us on facebook for videos and updates!