Key of She performed at Leah Jones' farewell concert.

Key of She performed at Leah Jones' farewell concert.

Glowing review for Jones’ farewell concert

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On April 29 and May 1, vocal teacher/choir director Leah Jones hosted a Leah and Friends: A Musical Farewell, featuring Key of She and Carpe Diem. Nelson vocal coach Mathilde Klassen attended the second performance.

The whole program was certainly well planned and well put together. There was variety, what with the humorous drama sketches and all those instrumentals and it all sounded quite professional to me — such as the flute player and the guitar player, the piano, drums, violin, cello, et cetera. It all fit in very well and added a lot to each performance. I am definitely impressed with the standard of the program, and all coming from Creston with a few imports from Idaho. Regardless, everyone was someone Leah had worked with along the way.

As I see it, she certainly awoke a taste of very good/classical music in Creston. It is so good to give those who do have musical training, the chance to perform and enjoy their art.

Not necessarily in this order, but I loved, enjoyed and appreciated the rendition of Poor Wand’ring One. That was quite the show! The way Leah threw those high notes out there and around there was quite spectacular. To have the ladies from the Key of She as background was a great idea. And Bob Anderson taking part in this was quite the thing. It almost looked as if he really meant those feelings he showed — that is the actor in him. All of that was very well performed.

I loved that short part that Christy Johnston sang, which was an alto voice! She has a very fine instrument. I almost wanted to hear those first three songs over again for my benefit. But of course, I would not do that — but just in my dreams!

The duet of Belle Nuit was extra special and very beautiful. Gail Southall has a lovely voice, too. It was done with finesse and good taste, which made it very beautiful. Had I heard you on Friday night, I would definitely have wanted to come back for this a second time.”

I was very impressed with the quality of the choir, especially if, as I was told, they are not all trained soloists! It sounded like that to me. That of course, reflects on Leah’s direction as the choir conductor.

I would have liked to compliment each of the ladies on their beautiful dresses in the second act, as well as their attractive attires for the first part. Each one was so well groomed and looked absolutely lovely.

And that Inuit choir song with the men was quite the number — very attractive and different, but so well put together.

Oh, it was all very lovely and I enjoyed every bit. I thought that you had a good size audience especially for a Sunday afternoon and a sunny one, and pretty well a first of its kind for this year. They really told you that they appreciated what you accomplished.