(From left) Axel Marini

(From left) Axel Marini

Footlighters auditioning girls for Creston production of Annie

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Life can be rough, but it’s nothing compared to the hard-knock life of seven girls living in the New York City Municipal Orphanage — run by the nasty Miss Hannigan — in 1933.

Of course, there is a lot of fun in store for the girls who will play those characters in Footlighters Theatre Society’s spring production of Annie. To choose them, a round of girls-only auditions will be held at 7 p.m. Nov. 8 at the Snoring Sasquatch.

“We had two dozen girls try out for four parts in The Sound of Music,” said director Brian Lawrence. “We have seven parts available this time around, so we’re anticipating a big crowd.”

One of those seven is Annie, a tough-as-nails yet bravely optimistic 11-year-old who dreams of one day finding her parents.

“This is a big part,” said Lawrence. “Annie sings, or participates in, eleven songs and reprises — and she’s in nearly every scene. And she has to be able to belt that last note of Tomorrow!”

The other orphans are described in the script as “Molly, the little, who is six; Kate, the next-to-littlest, who is 7; Tessie, the crybaby, who is 10; Pepper, the toughest, who is 12; July, the quietest, who is 13; and Duffy, the biggest, who is also 13.” Those six take part in four songs and reprises, and must be able to sing and perform simple choreography.

“The ages given in the script are a guideline,” said Lawrence. “We’ll take the best performers we can find even if their ages don’t match exactly.”

To assist the actors with their music, Footlighters will again be enlisting the talents of music director Geri Buchanan. Together, she and Lawrence previously staged The Music Man, The Sound of Music and last season’s non-musical, Deathtrap.

Next week’s auditions are just the beginning — auditions for all other roles in Annie will be held Nov. 18 at the Snoring Sasquatch. Those roles include Oliver Warbucks, Miss Hannigan, Grace Farrell, Rooster Hannigan and Lily St. Regis, as well as smaller parts, such as President Roosevelt, and chorus.

“This is a really fun and touching show,” said Lawrence. “I’m looking forward to working on it, and it all starts with finding our Annie.”

For more information contact Brian Lawrence at 250-428-2266 ext. 103 or editor@crestonvalleyadvance.ca, or Geri Buchanan at 250-428-5562.