CVWMA osprey chicks down to two

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CVWMA osprey chicks down to two

One is no longer with us, but three chicks hatched in the nest hosting the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area’s osprey cam within the last two weeks.

Named after popular Creston Valley, Pepper, Cherry and Gus (as in asparagus) hatched, respectively, on June 16, 18 and 22. Gus, the runt of the litter, was far smaller than the older siblings, and died on June 27.

“It is unfortunate to see this happen but we have to remain positive — there are still two very healthy chicks in the nest,” said the CVWMAs website. “The third chick was outcompeted by his two siblings who were already quite a bit larger and more developed when the third one had hatched. This scenario is quite typical in nature, but that does not make it any easier to watch.”

Live footage from the osprey cam can be viewed at