Frank Langella stars in Robot and Frank.

Frank Langella stars in Robot and Frank.

Creston’s Friends of the Cinema presenting ‘Robot and Frank’

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One of the movie world’s great character actors, Frank Langella, gets a rare star turn, playing a retired cat burglar in Robot and Frank, Friends of the Cinema’s March film presentation.

Robot? Frank’s two adult children are concerned that their dad shouldn’t be living on his own. A nursing home seems to be the best option until Frank’s son gets a different idea. He purchases a walking, talking and eerily human-like robot to become his dad’s physical and mental companion.

Even at his advanced age, Frank is drawn to larceny and he finds Robot to be just the accomplice he needs.

“The pair’s low-key crime spree provides some gentle suspense, but it’s the developing friendship between the grouchy ex-thief and the robot that will beguile viewers most,” writes Movie Talk’s Jason Best.

This unlikely pairing is sure to provide gentle amusement and laughter to a Creston audience.

Robot and Frank runs on March 18 at 7:30 p.m. at Prince Charles Theatre. Net proceeds from the Friends of the Cinema series go to local organizations, including the Creston and District Public Library and Creston Community Auditorium Society.