Mohamed Fellag (right) stars in Monsieur Lazhar.

Mohamed Fellag (right) stars in Monsieur Lazhar.

Creston’s Friends of the Cinema present Oscar nominee Monsieur Lazhar

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Monsieur Lazhar, nominated for best foreign language film at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, will be shown at the Tivoli Theatre on Monday.

The Canadian production is based on a one-character play. It tells the story of an Algerian immigrant in Montreal who steps into an elementary school classroom to replace the students’ teacher, who has committed suicide.

Lazhar has to live with his own demons — his wife, along with her son and daughter, were killed in an arson attack in Algeria, where Lazhar could be deported if his refugee status is denied. He keeps his haunting secrets to himself as he tries to cope with the culture differences he experiences in the classroom.

With a rare critics’ rating of 10 on the Rotten Tomatoes movie website, Monsieur Lazhar is sure to be an audience pleaser.

It will be screened by the Friends of the Cinema on April 16 at 7:30 p.m. Net proceeds from the film series go to local organizations, including Friends of the Library.