Paintings by Eileen Hirota (above) and Elaine Alfody (below) can be seen on this year's Art Walk.

Paintings by Eileen Hirota (above) and Elaine Alfody (below) can be seen on this year's Art Walk.

Creston Valley Art Walk and Galleries Tour brings artwork to downtown Creston

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For the 18th season, Art Walk will continue to be the destination for the arts in the Creston Valley, running through to Sept. 1.

With the lack of traditional venues, exhibiting in alternative spaces becomes one of the best ways for artists to introduce their work to the public.

Art Walk has the best motivation in the world, which is to continue to develop the arts community, because all the committee members are practicing artists themselves.

There is a great pleasure that comes from realizing there are many others seeking the same thing and somehow, by pooling their resources, Art Walk will continue to energize a community of artists into action.

Art Walk supports professional, established artists with their own studio galleries and venues, and also links artists who do not have their own venues with businesses interested in promoting and supporting the arts.

The walking section of the tour includes studios and businesses mainly in the downtown core. A previous article covered the driving tour to outlying studios and galleries,

Why not begin your tour at the Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce on Northwest Boulevard? Artistic Visions, a collection of over a dozen artists, has a wonderful display at the chamber, which is open seven days a week.

A short distance away on 10th Avenue is Real Food Cafe, a longtime supporter of the arts community. While it also has a display of a variety of artists’ work, their featured painter is Audrey Orosz. She is inspired by the beauty of the Saskatchewan landscape, the magnificent scenery of the Creston Valley and of her travels to Mexico. She likes the viewer to see a different side of Mexico, a side that does not make the evening news.

Not far away on Canyon Street is Cresteramics which, once again, supports the local art scene by displaying the works of a variety of artists in mixed mediums.

Further along Canyon Street is Creston Card and Stationery, another longtime supporter of Art Walk. This year, it has the dyed painted fabric of Eileen Gidman along with Creston artists’ cards.

On 12th Avenue is Kingfisher Used Books, which features many different artists throughout the year. The featured artist during Art Walk is Carol Schloss, a signature member of the prestigious Pastel Society of America, based in New York. An enthusiasm for all things wild and natural brings her artwork to life with a sparkle.

Opposite Kingfisher Used Books is the Pridham Studio where Micah Wassink and her husband, Jeremiah, carry on with the handmade and hand-painted pottery made popular by Micah’s parents, Nancy and Dave Pridham This young couple has also developed some of their own unique designs.

Nearby at A Break In Time Caffe you can see more of the acrylic paintings of prolific artist James McDowell.

Next door is the Ingham Arts and Culture Centre, a new exhibitor in Art Walk. It has a display of a variety of local artists along with cottage industry participants, new media and multimedia presentations, plus cultural workshops throughout the summer.

A good stretch of the legs, or a short ride in your car, will bring you to the Creston Valley Public Library on 16th Avenue South. On its walls are featured the watercolours of Laura Leeder, more of the dye painted fabrics of Eileen Gidman and the mixed media art work of Win Dinn.

A colourful brochure listing all the artists and their venues, as well as a map that locates studios, galleries, and supporting businesses is available at the chamber of commerce or any participating venue.

Whether you are just beginning your art journey, learning and appreciating art or a seasoned art connoisseur, you will find plenty for your individual tastes in the Creston Valley Art Walk and Galleries Tour.