The Creston Museum's annual quilt show sees quilts displayed in

The Creston Museum's annual quilt show sees quilts displayed in

Creston Fibre Artisans unveiling quilt at museum show

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The Creston Museum’s annual quilt show will feature a very special quilt, A Slice of Creston, made by the Creston Fibre Artisans.

Fibre artisans are sometimes referred to as art quilters. They make big things, like quilts and wall hangings, out of fabric, and sometimes they do incorporate traditional techniques of cutting and piecing fabric. But they combine these traditional quilting methods with found objects, unique textures, fabrics and fibres that range from sheer mesh tulles to heavy-duty yarns, and all sorts of arts and crafts techniques that involve glue and paint and other things. In fact, when the Creston Fibre Artisans hold a workshop, things tend to get messy.

The results, though, are nothing short of stunning.

A couple of years ago, the Fibre Artisans started with a photo of the Creston Valley — taken by local photographer Ken Alexander — and enlarged it, then sliced it into 12 strips. Each member of the group took a slice of the photo and recreated it in textiles and fibres. Then, earlier this spring, those slices were reassembled into a big wall hanging, approximately 13 feet long and five feet high. Each artisan has infused her slice with her own art style — some are done in vibrant colours while others are more subdued; some have big bold details, while others are very subtle.

Combined, it’s like taking one look at the Creston Valley and seeing it, all at once, in all of its many moods.

This wall hanging will be displayed to the public, for the first time ever, at the Creston Museum’s annual quilt show and sale on Sept. 15. It will be officially unveiled at the start of the show, at 10 a.m., and will remain on display throughout the day.

Ultimately, the fibre artisans intend to sell the quilt, with the proceeds going to the Creston Museum.