Creston Valley Blossom Singers performed Celtic Christmas in 2018. (Photo submitted)

Creston Valley Blossom Singers performed Celtic Christmas in 2018. (Photo submitted)

Blossom Valley Singers sing into spring with Serendipity

See the concert on May 6 or 7

As Blossom Valley Singers prepares for its spring concert, it also finds itself preparing for the world of online ticket sales, as more and more venues, performers, and audiences switch to the convenience of this method.

“Earlier this year, the Theatre Society (the group responsible for managing the performance theatre at the high school) informed its users that they’d like to start moving in that direction, and eventually, have all users doing their ticket sales that way,” said choir president Linda Wallace. “We do want to properly serve all of our audience and we understand that this is the way it is these days for so many people, so we’re game to give it a go.”

Both the local community theatre group, Footlighters, and the Creston Concert Society are already testing the process, so the choir will be seeking guidance from these other groups as to how best they can make it work for the local audience.

The spring concert – Serendipity – is coming up May 6 at 7 p.m. and May 7 at 2 p.m. at the Kootenay River Theatre, and it celebrates a selection of timely messages, forgotten gems, and happy discoveries from within their song library. For this one, they’re selling paper tickets only, from the usual three outlets – Fly in the Fibre, Kingfisher Books, and Sunshine & Gelato.

“We do think it’s likely that we’ll try selling at least some of our tickets online for our Christmas concert this year,” said Wallace.

Their first foray into online sales is happening right now, with the sale of their annual spring raffle tickets. Organized and managed by the BC Choral Federation, this raffle leaves 60 per cent of the proceeds with the local community choir, which is generally used for the purchase of new music. This year, the choir has both paper tickets available and access to online sales.

“Now that we see what a simple process it is, we may go completely this way for our raffle tickets in the future,” she said. “With our concert tickets, we’ll see what our audience wants, and move that way on a timeline that works best for them.”

To get in on the cash-prize raffle online, go to Alternatively, you can buy paper tickets through any member of the choir by emailing Raffle tickets are available through to the end of May.

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