Battle of the Bands returned to Creston and was met with great success. (Metro Creative)

Battle of the Bands returned to Creston and was met with great success. (Metro Creative)

Battle of the Bands celebrates return to Creston

By Bruce E.J. Atkinson

After a magnificent and melodious weekend, the return of the Battle of the Bands to Creston will reside in our memories for a very long time.

Steeped in local history, the Battle of the Bands had it origins in the 1960s with two main families launching what has become an annual showcase of local musical talent. The Toyotas began this high calibre showcase in partnership with the Huscrofts, and each year the event grew bigger and more eventful.

With much of everything else, the recent COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to this event until now. This year, Velle Huscroft Weitman, founder of Stay Live Productions – in collaboration with Rick Brown, founder of The Venue – Performing And Visual Arts Centre – picked up this fine Creston tradition and brought it back to begin another round of regular yearly celebrations of sound and vision!

Both Huscroft Weitman, and Brown will not hesitate to tell you the success of this year’s event was accomplished through the generous hearts of the volunteers of both their companies. Months of skillful work in all areas of event organization, and sound set-up, lighting tech, and more. These two partners were instrumental in bringing this initiative to reality.

Of course, the competition brought forward many musical talents. As we all know, Creston is abundant in many ways, from business to agriculture and more, all compacted into the beautiful scenery of British Columbia. Within all of this, beats a heart of pure gold from our multi-faceted creative arts community. Maybe a heart of platinum, in regards to our local musicians.

Artists from other areas also signed up to take part. On June 24, we were able to conduct a ‘sound’ investigation into the rich vein of music for a grand journey. Four of the best local venues participated, allowing us to see and hear multiple bands, trios, duos, and solo musicians. The weekend turned out to be an extravaganza of stellar individuals showcasing their musical creativity and genius. Artists that served up a varied meal of music that was loaded with spices of many kinds. And Creston ate it up! Thank you for your support – it was the important factor in the overall success of the Battle of the Bands.

While Friday evening had crowds rollicking, it wasn’t the end. On Saturday, June 25, the finals were hosted at our town’s jewel — Millennium Park, which was the only place large enough to accommodate the crowds. A record-breaking attendance welcomed musicians back to the stage. A total of 11 bands and artists came through to the finals.

Both the participating Artists and audience went above expectations, people of all ages came to listen, dance, and celebrate our rich talented folks! At times the applause was louder than those performing on stage. And that is the way it should be! Thank you Creston for your generosity, and opening up your hearts to the musicians that call this slice of paradise home!

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