The Easy Kootenay band 60 Hertz will play at the SNoring Sasquatch on May 5.

The Easy Kootenay band 60 Hertz will play at the SNoring Sasquatch on May 5.

60 Hertz playing at Creston’s Snoring Sasquatch

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The original music of 60 Hertz flows easily from countryish, bluesy ballads to flat out rock ’n’ roll but always with an honest, simple and personal touch. 60 Hertz knows how to captivate their audience by creating and delivering their original music with an engaging and fresh stage presence that is a real treat to experience.

They released their long awaited first CD, Time Stands Still, last summer, and will be performing at the Snoring Sasquatch on May 5.

“The name 60 Hertz, although it has nothing to do with age references, certainly sits well on this bunch of ‘old guys’,” said Rod Wilson in the Cranbrook Daily Townsman. “Not only have the band members been musical comrades for many years, their musical instruments have been around for much of that ride. James Neve’s acoustic Larrivee guitar must be one of the earliest instruments made by that premier luthier, Jean Larrivee. Dave Birch’s bass was old when he purchased it back in the ’70s.

“So there you have it — old musicians, old instruments and new technology, all combined with the finest of song writing. The results are performances that continue to sparkle regardless of how many times the band has been out there.”

James Neve (rhymes with Steve) is the songwriter, guitarist and lead vocalist, Dave Birch the energetic bass player, Rob Young is the master of the many moods and effects created by his Strat and Marty creates the hammock with his rock solid drumming style and sense of volume and dynamics. Their tight weave of vocal and instrumental lines are evidence of a strong melodic influence ranging from early Beatles and the Band to the Roches and Little Feat.

“This is a rock quartet with polish, panache and originality, probably the tightest and most original group in the East Kootenay,” said Wilson.

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The doors open at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 8. Tickets are $10 in advance at Kingfisher Used Books and Black Bear Books, and $12 at the door.