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What happened to Neil?

Hello Creston! It’s pretty exciting to see a new face attached to this wonderful column, isn’t it? Maybe you’re wondering what happened to Neil? Maybe he’s contentedly sipping his coffee, watching the working folk zip by, while he enjoys the glory of retirement. Or, maybe he’s still at the complex almost every day working on the community park project sipping coffee with us in the staff room. Yeah, that sounds about right. But, I think we need this gradual departure from Neil because it’s hard to say goodbye to a permanent fixture that is the king of puns.

I know many of you looked forward to reading Neil’s bi-weekly writings filled with wit, thought-provoking topics, and care for the community. I’d like to thank Neil for humorously educating the public about recreation in the Creston Valley for the past 18 years. If you happen to see him on the street or consuming coffee at your local coffee shop, let him know your appreciation. He deserves it! But moving forward, I hope you’ll follow me on this literary journey as you did with Neil. I’ll step into his big shoes and help deliver recreation news and education to you from a slightly different perspective, sans mustache.

For those of you who don’t know me, I have worked in both the customer service and fitness departments at the CDCC for over 12 years. But recently, since returning from maternity leave in October, I am honoured to have been selected to be the new recreation services co-ordinator. It feels great to come back to work even though I miss spending all the time with my 17-month-old boys (yes, I had twins!), as any working parent can relate. To answer your questions: No, they’re not identical. Yes, I have my hands full, literally. And, I don’t know how we do it.

But, I have a different outlook on recreation now that I’m a mother. Just getting out of the house and playing with the fallen leaves is my definition of a good time these days. So, whatever activity or hobby you enjoy doing to that keeps your mind and/or body active is a form of recreation. Your enjoyment level for different activities will change over time as you change, so stay fresh and keep an open mind as you try new things, even if they’re simple because you never know what you might enjoy! Sometimes sparking your inner child or even playing with a child can put a smile on your face and add some brightness to your day.

It’s an exciting time here at the Creston and District Community Complex with the development of the amazing community park. We are scheduled to softly open the new park just in time for the snow to fall! But a huge shout out goes to the crew working hard to get as much done while the weather is favourable. Not all of the services will be available for use, but the playground, skatepark, and sport (basketball) court will be open. Just remember to stick to the pathways so that the seeded areas remain untouched and your ankles stay safe! Keep an eye out for a media release in the near future so you know when the fences will be down and open to the public.

The Winter Leisure Guide is already available online and registration begins Dec. 2. Be sure to get outdoors while the weather is agreeable. Whimsically throw a few leaves in the air. I promise you won’t regret it!