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Volunteer enjoys time at Creston's Pet Adoption and Welfare Society

Pet Adoption and Welfare Society volunteer Frances Collison writes about her time looking after dogs and cats...
Pet Adoption and Welfare Society volunteer Frances Collison.

The Pet Adoption and Welfare Society runs a place where lost or abandoned animals are kept until they find a loving home. Claudia’s Place is located on Lower Wynndel Road just outside of Creston.

Animals are just like us. How would you feel if no one wanted you? That is exactly how animals feel.

Adopting an animal does require responsibility. If you want to adopt an animal, you will have to fill out an application form and provide two references. Adopting an animal also means paying for the animal. The current fee for dogs is $150 and $75 for cats. Keep in mind your animal has had a vet check, proper vaccinations and has been fixed. You save the average cost for these procedures of $300. PAWS would like its pet owners to genuinely care for the animals and have a safe place to live.

Cats are intelligent, curious, fun loving and independent. There are responsibilities, such as cleaning up their litter boxes and feeding them daily. Caring for them when they are sick might involve vet check-ups, worm pills and even shots. Let’s not forget loving attention!

Dogs are another story. They are cute, fun to be around and are very playful. They are a family’s best friend. Walking your dog and poop scooping are two necessary activities. They enjoy Frisbee and many other toys. To them, being a pet brings them happiness and they will make you happy too. Though they require responsibility, it is fun and rewarding for you and your pet.

Rather than abandoning your pet, please ask us what we can do to support you and help you keep your pet — they are family too.

Many people are not aware that PAWS have its own memorial garden for pets. It can organize a funeral service, or if you would like your pet buried elsewhere you can get an engraved plaque with your pet’s name on it. There is no set fee, but a donation will be welcome.

Every year, PAWS has fundraising events: raffle tickets, bake sales at Overwaitea Foods and Extra Foods, and the Santa Claus Parade are all special events. You can also have your picture taken with Santa and your pet at Morris Flowers in December.

The scenery surrounding PAWS looks beautiful with green grass surrounding the area with some fencing, and a space for people to park.

It could use more helping hands. If you want to become a PAWS volunteer, you will have to fill out a membership/volunteer application form, take some training, and pay a small fee.

It is part of our town and the more we donate the more successful PAWS will become and be able to honour more lost and abandoned animals and prepare them for their loving homes. Let’s see what we can do to make a difference in our valley!