The Voice of PCSS: Creston’s PAWS wins project profit

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The Voice of PCSS is a monthly feature in the Creston Valley Advance that includes work by students at Prince Charles Secondary School.


An English 10 class at Prince Charles Secondary School recently completed a project on media. In four groups, the students were instructed to launch their own media campaign around an entrepreneurial task. They had to create/innovate a product, produce it with only $25 (seed money) given to them, advertise it and eventually sell it to customers within the school. Each group chose a charity to support.

The groups had to plan and record every detail. Every group ended up making a food product — Bedazzled Balls (cake balls), Cheesecake Swirl Brownies, Suga Doodles (Korean candy) and Double Dip Stix (chocolate dipped pretzels).

Bedazzled Balls made the most profit and, therefore, won the profit from the other three groups as well. Their charity, the Pet Adoption and Welfare Society, received the $230 profit from the project.

The pressure was high, the competition fierce, and the advertising ruthless. All in all, it was the craziest English project ever.