The music of Neil Diamond comes to Creston

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Jason Scott performing as Neil Diamond at the Reel Awards at the Golden Nugget Showroom in Las Vegas.

Jason Scott performing as Neil Diamond at the Reel Awards at the Golden Nugget Showroom in Las Vegas.

The music of Neil Diamond is coming to Creston.  Known for such hits as “Sweet Caroline”, “Holly Holy” and “Kentucky Woman”, Diamond’s timeless songs continue to be a part of the soundtrack of our lives.  His music continues to please longtime fans while attracting new ones.

Performing the music is Cranbrook’s Jason Scott.  His show, “Diamond Forever: A Celebration of Neil Diamond” has attracted audiences of all ages across Canada and the United States.  An entertaining recognition of the music and talent of Diamond, Scott will perform the hits, a few lesser-known songs, and new material from Diamond’s last couple albums.  Enhanced by background stories, authentic costuming and humour, the concert also features audience involvement (including a half-time dance competition). According to Scott, Creston’s concert will be “spontaneous and loose. and a lot of fun.  It’s audience connected.  Sometimes when I perform, I find myself in the crowd and then other times I’ve found some of the audience on stage with me.”

Scott began attending the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto at the age of five, achieving first degree honours and graduation by the age of fifteen and, after touring with nightclub and concert bands, signed a record contract in 1989.  “It was a great time for me.  Through my girlfriend at the time, I met Brian MacLeod from the band Chilliwack and we really hit it off.  We jammed together and we were four tracks into recording my album when he suddenly passed away.  And then, soon after, the record label got rearranged and dropped a lot of artists – me included.  Then it didn’t feel like a great time anymore.”

Years later, he joined his sister for a evening at the local pub where a Canucks hockey game was playing on one screen and Karaoke lyrics were available on another.  “When I played cover tunes from bands like Led Zeppelin and Foreigner, I used to sing in a higher register.  But I thought I’d give Neil Diamond a try.  I had just watched The Jazz Singer and I thought I’d sing a song from the soundtrack.  I had my back turned to the bar patrons as I was singing the lyrics and, soon after I started, there was loud applause behind me.  I thought the Canucks had scored.  But they were cheering me on.  That’s when it hit me.”

Scott became the first Canadian performer to win the “Be a Legend” celebrity tribute artist competition as Neil Diamond.  In 2010, Scott was awarded the Sunburst Convention of Celebrity Tribute Artists’ “Best Platinum Showcase Award” and, a year later, was invited to perform as the opening act for the “Country Superstars” show at Golden Nugget Showroom in Las Vegas.  In February 2012, Scott returned to Las Vegas to break attendance records at the Fremont Street Experience.  He also won the Reel Award in the pop and rock category.

The only Canadian to appear in the motion picture Diamond Mountain, Scott will share the screen with other ‘Neils’ from the United States, England, Ireland, Australia, and Chili.  Joined by five members of Neil Diamond’s band, the cast of the film performed on stage together and a new show was created – “Diamond Nation Celebration.”  The show in Florida will not only celebrate Neil Diamond’s birthday but will also assist charities that provide support to the families of victims of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting.

His upcoming concerts across British Columbia are in conjunction with the Royal Canadian Legion.  “It’s important that I support the RCL.  I come from a military family, and I encourage anyone to come to the Legion and support them.” Diamond Forever is at the Royal Canadian Legion (137-11th Ave N) on Saturday, October 15th.  Tickets for the show are available at the Legion and at Black Bear Books for $25.