Survey asking Creston Valley residents about their quality of life

Survey asking Creston Valley residents about their quality of life

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The polls are now open for Creston Valley residents to express how they feel about their quality of life.

Until Dec. 12, area residents can go online to to fill out a survey that will provide the Better Life Project with “an honest picture of how our community is doing,” according to organizer Laura Hannant.

The project is sponsored by the Creston and District Community Directed Funds Committee and is one part of a 16-month effort to create a strong plan for using Columbia Basin Trust funds designated to enhance local quality of life. The information will also become a valuable planning tool for other community groups, including the Town of Creston’s Official Community Plan that will be updated in 2015.

While the Better Life Project is specific to residents from Yahk to Riondel, it is part of an international movement to survey people about their quality of life. The “Happiness Index” started in the Asian country of Bhutan, but is spreading around the globe to countries including England and the United States.

Paper copies of the survey are available at many locations, including Kootenay Employment Services, the Creston Valley Public Library, Creston and District Community Complex, Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce and local schools. However, only those who do the online survey will get to view their results!

More information about the survey can be found at