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Speaker series to commemorate 100 years since the death of Peter Verigin (Lordly)

Events will be held at the Brilliant Cultural Centre
Doukhobor leader Peter V. Verigin is seen ca. 1920s, not long before his death in a train explosion. Photo: Campbell Studio/Greg Nesteroff collection

Submitted by USCC Spiritual and Cultural Development Committee

In commemoration of the passing of 100 years since the death of revered Doukhobor leader, Peter Vasilievich Verigin (Lordly), the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ will be hosting a speaker series on the life, teachings and business practises and the spiritual and cultural contributions of this most remarkable man.

Sessions will be held on the third Sunday evening of each month, at 6:30 p.m. at the Brilliant Cultural Centre with live and electronic presenters via Zoom.

These events are sponsored by the Spiritual and Cultural Development Committee of the USCC. As it is the intent to bring the story of Peter Vasilievich Verigin (Lordly) to all who are interested, they will not be selling tickets, nor will there be a charge at the door, or for Zoom attendance. However, donations at the door or via e-transfer or cheque would allow for assisting speakers with travel costs. Contact for more information, if to donate towards this event.

As the speaker series evolves, more details will be published in ISKRA.

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Schedule of sessions:

Jan. 28

USCC Spiritual Cultural Development Committee

Kootenay Psalmists

Topic: Spiritual Teachings of Peter Vasiievich Verigin (Lordly)

Psalms and hymns written by/for/about Peter Vasilievich Verigin (Lordly) and their significance

Feb. 18

Wendy Voykin

Peter Vasilievich Verigin’s early years in Russia, life in exile, and arrival in Canada in 1902

Vera Maloff

Peter Vasilievich Verigin’s birth (hints in Peter Maloff’s writings, stories from elders)

Peter Vasilievich Verigin - Letters from exile

Correspondence between Peter Vasilievich Verigin and Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy (translation by Donskov)

Tchertkov, A publication of Peter Vasilievich Verigin’s letters to the Doukhobors, to other Tolstoyans and published letters from Bonch-Bruevich Письма Духобоческого руководителя

March 17

D.E. (Jim) Popoff

Peter Vasiievich Verigin — the man; his persona and his place in history; the controversies and the facts

His death — the importance of a plausible solution to the mystery

His prophecies and vision for the future — their significance today

April 21

Greg Nesteroff

Peter Vasilievich Verigin’s lost prayer site

Paul Strelive

Peter Vasilievich Verigin and the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood business dealings in Nelson, BC

Luba Stoochnoff

An account of Peter Vasilievich Verigin and a dentist in Nelson

Peter Vasilievich Verigin on the topic of the attendance of Doukhobor children at B.C. schools

May 19

Ernest W. Verigin

The Spiritual Journey of Peter Vasilievich Verigin — his ideas for children and youth, his initiatives for healthy living

Barry Verigin and the Community Interpretive Society

Display of historical artifacts belonging to Peter Vasilievich Verigin

June 16

Larry Ewashen

Peter Vasilievich Verigin as discussed by his younger brother, Grigorii Vasili’evich Verigin, in his book “God is not in Might, but in Truth”

Marion Demosky

Havroosha Vereschagin’s relationship with Peter Lordly Verigin

July 21

Sonya White (Zoom)

Shares her great grandfather, William Bonderoff’s, memoirs about life in Brilliant and Ootischenia and stories about Peter Vasilievich Verigin (Lordly)

Vera Maloff

Peter Maloff recollections of Peter Vasilievich Verigin (Lordly)

Aug. 18

Jon Kalmakoff

Peter Vasilievich Verigin’s organisational abilities as they relate to how he structured the CCUB, geographically, socially and economically.

The various business enterprises and material achievements that PVV was able to facilitate through a large group of loyal members.

Sept. 15

Barry Verigin

Events leading up to the Farron Explosion

Peter Vasilievich Verigin last speech in Grand Forks (Recollections of John Semenoff Sr.)

The funeral of Peter Vasilievich Verigin (Lordly)

Maxim Voykin

Recollections of Peter Vasiievich Verigin (Lordly)

Oct. 20 (10 a.m. - 4 p.m.)

Kootenay Psalmists

10:00 - Pominki

12:00 – Potluck Lunch/Banquet

Choral presentations by Kootenay Psalmists; Family of Friends, GF Community Choir

Display of historical artifacts belonging to Peter Vasilievich Verigin

John J. Verigin Jr.

Peter Vasilievich Verigin’s legacy for the Doukhobors of today

Nov. 17

A description of other Canadian citizens who perished in the explosion that killed Peter Vasilievich Verigin Lordly on Oct. 29, 1924

Ilene Voykin

Marya Strelaeff, the story of the 15-year-old girl, who accompanied Peter V. Verigin on the fateful trip. Memories from her sister.

Dec. 15

Kootenay Psalmists

Peter Vasilievich Verigin Lessons to live by

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