Northstar GM invests in Creston’s future

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Northstar GM invests in Creston’s future.

Northstar GM invests in Creston’s future.

Danny Spring hopes Northstar Creston customers enjoy the GM dealership’s newly completed renovations as much as he and his staff do.

“Isn’t it amazing how you work in an environment without giving much thought to it, and then wonder how you ever managed when it is upgraded?” the sales manager laughed last week. “We just can’t stop smiling about how great everything looks!”

The extensive renovation not only gives the exterior a whole new look—one that is line with GM dealerships across the continent—but it extends into the showroom and back into the service area as well.

“There isn’t much that hasn’t changed, to be honest!”

And the upgrades aren’t intended only to be visual—they are a tangible sign that Northstar is geared up for a long and prosperous future serving the Creston Valley.

Spring and his family have a history in Creston that dates back to 1989, when they purchased the Pontiac dealership from Jim Fritz.

“There were even two houses on the property back then, and of course they are long gone,” he said.

While the houses may be gone, Northstar has been a rock solid employer, and some of the employees date back to the 1989 sale.

“We have very little staff turnover,” Spring smiled. “We are pretty easy to get along with.”

The exterior and showroom renovations are what the public sees first, but spring says major changes have also been made to the service area, where technicians provide a high level of service.

“The auto business has really turned into a service driven industry,” he said. “If you don’t have happy customers, you don’t stay in business. And we go out of our way to make people happy! Service is our strength.”

Like most businesses today, the auto sales and service sector is one of constant change.

“Technical and support costs are high, and so is training—our technicians have to stay right up to date with the technology. Our service and sales people are always taking the latest training.”

Spring acknowledges an upsurge in Creston Valley optimism in recent years.

“Northstar has made a major investment in Creston. We want to stay here and we have no interest in leaving,” he said. “We have 15 staff who depend on us. They work hard and are very productive. We have an investment in them and they have an investment in us.”

Most of the remodeling has been done with local products and by local contractors—“as much as we could”, he said.

Customers will enjoy the bright new look, the retro feel of lighting and galvanized steel décor, two comfortable seating areas and an array of vintage photographs provided by the Creston Museum archives.

And, while Spring says he could not be happier with the upgrades, he appreciates the support from the public.

“Our customers have been so understanding while we were doing business in a showroom that was torn apart,” he said. “Really, we didn’t miss a beat. But it’s so nice to be finished!”