Kootenay Employment Services is located on 11th Avenue North in Creston.

Kootenay Employment Services is located on 11th Avenue North in Creston.

New service helping Creston employers find temporary workers

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The Creston Valley is home to a large agricultural industry and requires many short-term job positions during the harvesting season. A critical component for employers with time-sensitive needs is an up-to-date casual labour list.

WorkToday.ca is a new online service that provides a digital casual labour list where job seekers can add their contact information for 24 hours at a time to ensure potential employers have access to the most current pool of workers possible.

WorkToday.ca is a free service to both job seekers and employers and is supported through local community sponsorship. The digital casual labour list is viewable by any website visitor and the information automatically is removed after 24 hours, keeping the site clean and relevant. Job seekers can also specify the types of work they are able to perform, which helps employers quickly sort the list to identify workers that may suit their needs.

“There is a huge need for short-term workers in the Creston Valley, not only for agricultural work but also for occasional property maintenance or as support for those with mobility issues,” said Warren Bruns of Kootenay Employment Services.

The Creston Valley will be a trial area for this service and it’s expected to expand to more communities in the near future.