New Creston skate shop creates community and ways of self-expression for teens

Photo of skateboard rack wall inside shop taken by Senya Calladine.Photo of skateboard rack wall inside shop taken by Senya Calladine.
Photo of On the Grind exterior taken by Senya Calladine.Photo of On the Grind exterior taken by Senya Calladine.
Photo of skateboards on show through the window taken by Senya Caladine.Photo of skateboards on show through the window taken by Senya Caladine.

A new Creston business has their eyes set on filling a market void for skate enthusiasts and becoming a space for teens.

The shop is owned by first-time business owner, Senya Calladine who was inspired to start the shop through her own passion for skateboarding.

As a teen, Calladine grew up in Vancouver spending time in Creston while living with her grandparents.

“Long boarding and skateboarding were a really big scene and kind of a lifesaver for my youth,” she said. “Being able to get out there and be active and stay away from more negative things about being a teenager.”

Today, she wants teens in Creston to be able to express themselves and find community in the same way. Calladine said she noticed people back on skateboards again and took to the internet to research, seeing if skateboarding was coming back in full swing.

After talking to a handful of people she discovered people were travelling hours out of the city to get their skate gear and clothing in communities like Cranbrook, Nelson and Castlegar.

“I realized we really needed something like that here.”

Distribution has proven to be On The Grind’s biggest challenge as they are still recovering from the impacts of COVID-19, but support from the community has been amazing, she said.

On The Grind retail is carefully hand-picked to reflect a style Calladine would wear herself. Any fear she had of slowing momentum is diminishing due to steady business and community enthusiasm, she said.

“The support has been amazing, definitely above my expectations so hopefully that continues,” Calladine said. “There’s really not a whole lot of negativity here, everybody helps one another, it’s the kind of place where if someone loses their wallet it gets returned with all the cash in it. It’s just a really honest really wholesome community.”

Seeing the logo around Creston whether it’s a hoodie or a sticker has been delightful, she shared.

“It’s almost humbling like I never thought that that would be something that I experience.”

Looking forward, Calladine is excited to bring her summer gear in, including flip flops which she said is a huge need. Outside of work she enjoys gardening, raising chickens and ducks at her home and taking care of her grandparents.

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