A bear and five cubs have been reported in the Upper Evergreen Dr. of the Wiltse area of Penticton. (WildsafeBC - Facebook)

A bear and five cubs have been reported in the Upper Evergreen Dr. of the Wiltse area of Penticton. (WildsafeBC - Facebook)

New co-ordinator announced for the Selkirk Purcell region’s WildSafeBC program

Cook will run the program from May to November 30 during the height of the bear season.

WildSafeBC has a new face in the Creston Valley.

Kayleigh Cook will be managing the program in the Selkirk Purcell region, which includes the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) management zones A, B, C and G, including the towns of Creston, Erickson, Yahk, Lumberton, Moyie, Crawford Bay and the surrounding areas.

WildSafe Co-ordinator Kayleigh Cook, submitted

WildSafe Co-ordinator Kayleigh Cook, submitted

From May 1 to Nov. 30, Cook will run WildSafeBC modified program initiatives, including door-to-door information delivery campaigns, garbage tagging and webinar delivery of the WildSafe Ranger Program for school-aged children as well as Wildlife Awareness and Safety Education sessions.

Cook is reminding residents that bears are now out of hibernation and looking for easy-to-access food sources such as garbage, bird feeders, compost and pet food.

Some tips for securing attractants are:

– Store garbage indoors until the morning of collection and consider purchasing bear-resistant storage containers for waste.

– If pets are fed outside, ensure all food that is not eaten is stored securely.

– If you have livestock, consider getting electric fencing.

– When fruit is ripe, pick it promptly and ensure barbeques are cleaned after each use.

Residents can report bear, cougar, coyote and wolf sightings in urban areas by using the WildSafeBC’s Wildlife Alert Reporting Program (WARP), available at wildsafebc.com/warp. WARP allows the public to see which wildlife have been reported in their neighbourhood as well as be alerted to new sightings.

Cook can be reached by email at Selkirkpurcell@wildsafebc.com or 250-910-9667.

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