Monday afternoon tea at Creative Fix

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Monday tea at Creative Fix.

Monday tea at Creative Fix.

Every Monday afternoon I go for tea at a very special place with a friend of mine. This place is called Creative Fix. The owner of the place is Brandy Dyer.  When I walk inside this business the walls are filled with beautiful artwork in many colors and there is always beautiful music playing. Brandy likes mellow music.  It has a relaxed vibe.  I can take my drink to the comfy seating area at the front window and admire the zebra sculpture and scenery outside.  I can also glance at all the neat products for sale on the tables and shelves inside.

In 2012, Brandy first opened Creative Fix.  She sells a variety of yummy coffees along with her beautiful artwork, some home décor, and accessories for women like necklaces, rings and scarves. She has a great selection of locally made art. The most popular drink she sells is the Indian Chai.  Also popular are the Salted Caramel Latte and the “Frances,” which is the Peppermint Fog.  When it comes to inspiration for her art, Brandy says that she does not have much of a plan. She likes to start with a theme; right now, she is doing metal art.  In the past she has done a fruit series and a wine series.  It is obvious she puts a lot of work into creating her art.

When I asked Brandy if she gives any art classes she said, “You bet!”  She offers kids and adult classes at her shop or at the Creston Community Complex.  Starting in the fall, her afterschool kids art classes will start. Looking into the future, Brandy would like to include food on her menu alongside her delicious drinks. She is looking forward to going to a gift show to check out new trendy items to bring into her store.  Can’t wait to see what she finds!

Next time you drive down Tenth Avenue, stop by Creative Fix for a coffee and some great gift ideas.  You won’t be sorry you did!