Lose weight the healthy way with Creston-based challenge

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Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows that there are thousands of diet plans available — many of them that seemed designed more to separate the dieter from his or her money than the troublesome extra pounds. Even the most common sense strategies are destined to fail without the willpower to stick to the program. What people often need to get them through the first few days and weeks of any weight-loss plan is some sort of motivation: a special event, bathing suit season, a cash reward.

David Chatwin knows how difficult it is to lose weight. For years, the Creston Valley resident struggled with different plans that ultimately failed him. But when he entered a contest that offered a financial reward for dropping pounds, he found he had the extra push he needed to reach his goals — and lost 85 pounds (39 kilograms) in just 12 weeks.

“After struggling for four years to lose weight, I was amazed at the added motivation I got from competing for a $5,000 incentive,” said Chatwin.

Chatwin’s success inspired him to create the same opportunity for others, and he has already launched his Healthy Loser challenge in cities throughout Canada and the United States, and is bringing the contest to the East Kootenay on March 26. Chatwin awards $5,000 to the contestant who loses the highest percentage of body weight using whatever healthy strategy they choose.

Chatwin believes that a mixture of incentive, exercise and proper nutrition — not to mention some been-there-done-that support — can create the motivation that makes the difference in successful weight loss programs. He is as hands-on throughout the process as he can be, attending many initial weigh-ins to provide tips and truths about healthy weight loss.

“I know from experience that some don’t believe they can change because of earlier failed diet attempts on systems that are not practical for the average person,” said Chatwin.

The fact is, most diets fail. Healthy Loser’s mission is to add incentive, education and support that will make this event a success to all of the contestants who are willing to put forth the effort — and for one contestant, a financial windfall as well.

For more details, see www.healthyloser.com.