Some of the members of the Krafty Kronys

Some of the members of the Krafty Kronys

Krafty Kronys raise funds for Creston’s Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors

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When the Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors had to move out of the hospital because it lost its government funding, Patt Robicheau saw a need. TAPS was in crisis.

On hearing that this wonderful seniors program was in danger of closing its doors, Patt decided to get together a group of ladies to fundraise for this worthy cause. She and Marg Peterson attended a meeting that Jill Fehr and Alex Nilsson put on for public input. Patt called Serena Naeve at the Creston and District Community Resource Centre to see if she (Patt) could get a few friends together and perhaps have a craft sale to raise some money for TAPS.

Well after about seven years, that is history. The mandate for the Krafty Kronys is to fundraise 100 per cent for TAPS.

Patt, Marg, Joyce Semeniuk and Bonnie Hurley were the first Krafty Kronys. Patt is a lady with a big heart that gets things done with her vast knowledge and business sense. Marg is our gal that keeps us organized, handles the consignment goods and does the little things no one else does. Joyce is responsible for raffles, craft fairs, crafts, etc. Bonnie is our computer expert for all our printing needs and co-ordinates with the other three.

The Krafty Kronys are a very talented group of ladies, from making small grab bags, quilts, jewelry, painting, sewing clothes and all kinds of this and that.

Rollie Dubeau is our man for making wood products. Our Kronys step up when they are needed at TAPS, including Marlayne Worthington cutting hair for the seniors. There are many people in the community that donate finished products for us to use or sell. The community of Creston has stepped in many times to help make everyone aware of the need in Creston.

We come together once or twice a week to make crafts, sew, knit, crochet, paint and quilt; we have some members that work from home. With time and so many experienced Kronys, we meet generally once a week when needed.

New members were recruited, with 22 in the early days. Updated in 2012, with and the coming and going of members, we now stand at 20 active members, including Terry Nowak, who does all the funding proposals for TAPS. Our oldest Krony is 81 and the youngest is 53. Our newest member is Mable Bonderove.

Over time, our executives have changed. Heather Stiles took over the co-ordinator’s job while Patt was away with health issues; she has since returned to that position. Marlyn Lakes is our treasurer and keeps track of our accounting. Bonnie is still our computer expert and printer, Joyce still does the table rentals for the craft fairs and Patt does the letters, as Marleyne Krell has stepped down from secretary.

We hold craft fairs twice a year, with a luncheon and pie sale with the Kronys volunteering. The Kronys have now taken over the making of the “famous TAPS pies” that they sell at the fair, as well as at tables where they sell the goods they make. We have a Krafty Korner at TAPS that sells these items, as well. These are not the only sales we have; we also put our goods out on consignment, which has been very successful. The Krafty Korner and TAPS pies are always available to the public during TAPS open hours.

The Krafty Kronys have been involved in many fun occasions. The most memorable was the fashion show they held at the Rotocrest, with members from TAPS, Krafty Kronys and Beta Sigma Phi (Xi Delta Chi chapter) modelling outrageous outfits. This was a joint effort between the Krafty Kronys and the Beta Sigma Phi sorority. Heather Stiles was the co-ordinator/MC. They had a sold out audience for the successful event enjoyed by all who came. Nicole Nilsson made a DVD of the performance and they are available for sale at TAPS. The performance was played again at TAPS for the seniors, as so many were unable to attend.

The next event was the lunch for the 2010 Olympic torch crew That was a grand success, and we were written up in the Vancouver Olympic Committee paper. The luncheon was a complete hot meal that was home made by Krafty Krony and TAPS employee Rosalie Wilson and dedicated helpers. The lunch team was given a standing ovation. How proud is Creston? Let me count the ways…

Among the many projects the Krafty Kronys have been involved in was the making of a calendar. It was very intense and a lot of work — now we can appreciate how much work goes into making a calendar.

We have had a couple of raffles, with some fine gifts donated by some very caring people. Overwaitea Foods and Extra Foods let us sell our tickets from their place of businesses. Tickets are also sold at other venues.

To get us known around town, we made cloth bags to be donated by local businesses, with a pamphlet telling people about the Krafty Kronys and TAPS. The businesses gave these bags to their customers free of charge.

The Krafty Kronys and TAPS members also make things for the Meals on Wheels trays to cheer up the clients. Colleen Kennard is in charge of organizing this event.

All the fundraising has been to help TAPS buy equipment for the kitchen, the buses and incidentals. The Krafty Kronys paid for half of the first TAPS bus and 100 per cent for the second one, which was our largest expenditure to date, and also the repairs and maintenance of the buses.

It is an honour to help our seniors who have made the world we live in a better place though the sacrifices of home and country by our veterans and their families.

This is a letter from Jessy Cress on why she joined:

“I have never been much of a joiner. I’ve never been involved in anything like the Krafty Kronys before but I was already volunteering at TAPS when I met Patt Robicheau. Jill Fehr was the boss lady at TAPS at that time and getting to know this incredibly kind lady changed me in ways I can’t even explain. … Patt was so welcoming and friendly that I was instantly enticed to become a Krafty Krony.

“I had no intention of doing anything of the kind because I felt I had no talent whatsoever for crafts. Having been a government employee (correctional services, of all places) and then an insurance underwriter (with some musical years in between), I was not even aware that such friendly, kind and non-judgmental women existed anywhere in the world. The feeling of being instantly accepted by the KK’s was wonderful and the rest is, well — wait for it — history!

“The fundraising that has been done by the Krafty Kronys is nothing short of miraculous and the TAPS program has benefited because these gals wanted to help. The friendships I made in this group of women are a thing of beauty and as long as I am able I will continue to be a Krafty’.”

The Krafty Kronys would like to thank our community for helping us help TAPS with their many donations of goods, time, repairs and discounts. We could not have done this without you.

The Krafty Kronys are always looking for new volunteers. If you would like to join us, you can call Patt at 250-428-5838. We would be glad if you could come.